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A trend? Ethics complaint filed against state Rep. Trudi Williams

A Pinellas County man has filed an ethics complaint against state Rep. Trudi Williams, saying the Fort Myers Republican failed to list a political advertisement disclaimer on her campaign website.

The man, Andres Bastardo, filed the complaint in Tallahassee last month (view page 1 here and page 2 here). He wrote that Williams' website campaigning for the Florida Senate was missing a disclaimer. The website has apparently since been updated with a disclaimer on the bottom; compare how it looks now to a cached version of how it looked on Nov. 30.

It is at least the second complaint in as many months submitted against Republican lawmakers by folks outside of their districts over alleged violations of state ethics rules. In October, a Fort Myers tea party activist accused state Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla of Miami of failing to disclose his bank account as a financial asset.

Neither Bastardo nor Williams could immediately be reached for comment.


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Col. Kurtz

and Rivera was spotted walking the halls in Tallahassee. whats he doing? looking for money too.

Cynical Idealist

Yawn...I'm no big fan of her's, but the simple fact she left off the disclaimer isn't even worth a blog posting. Plenty of states don't even require a candidate to disclose which party they belong to.

Wow, big deal.

Sounds like Benacquisto's boy, Randy Neilson, up to early dirty tricks.

Cataratas en los ojos

Cynical Idealist is right. By the way, im not a big fan too.

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