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Bondi says her info about money laundering at Tampa Hard Rock came from deputy

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who last week spoke of “many money laundering cases” involving the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, now says her information came from a conversation she had with a detective at a party.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the state attorney’s office and the Seminole Tribe of Florida all contend there has never been even one such case — and Tribal Council Chairman James Billie is outraged.

At a news conference last week denouncing a bill that would add up to three destination casinos to the state, Bondi said: “I went and spoke to many law enforcement officers and in Hillsborough County, many of the last drug trafficking cases that they made, the money was laundered through the casino.”

When the Herald/Times pressed Bondi to name which casino, the former Hillsborough County assistant state attorney, said it was the Hard Rock in Tampa. Sun-Sentinel story here.

Las Vegas Sands vice president Andy Abboud responded with a letter to Bondi challenging her suggestion that gambling breeds crime. Read here.


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And this, my friends, is what everyone in the GOP was quietly afraid of in 2010. Smoking hot blonde, damn good prosecutor = good candidate. Yet you still couldn't help but having the feeling that some dumb stuff would pop out of her at some point. I think it just happened.


Let me get this straight---the Attorney General of the 4th largest state in America committed an act of slander against a private business based on a rumour she heard at a party! This is what you get when you elect someone who has lived off the taxpayers her whole life---she has never had a private sector job, never worked in civil law, and most likely took the bar exam several times before she passed. Sad for the citizens of Florida.


Bondi is doing her job. What does it matter if she spoke to a high level officer at a party or across from her official desk? The complains about the Indians are not limited to just this charge. The Seminole casinos are rigged. Virtually no one walks away a winner. This is especially so at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. I play slots at many Florida casinos and that is the one place I never win at. Sure it's a beautiful place to visit but who wants to be a loser all the time?

gloria ruiz

The Seminoles are corrupt. Look at the arrest records for them. They are the ones creating all the bad press about gambling. I say, let the new gambling law pass and let responsible entities run professional gaming. The state needs the money. At least the state would get paid as opposed to the Seminoles stealing all the money


Thanks Pam! Good job! Watch out, the indians think they can pay off Rick Scott to get their compact renewed. Anybody that doesn't realize what's going on here should read their history book. The Seminoles are still at war with the United States, they never surrendered. Best of luck to our representatives in the capital getting the lion's share of casino operations out of the hand's of the Seminoles and into the hands of legit business. That's what capitalism is all about and it works. Let's get out of the 20th century (ir the 19th for that matter) and get real. When the Seminoles do something bad, they need to face the music just like anybody else.

Letty Concepcion

And Look at Ms Bondi letting the Banks and Foreclosure Mills off the hook she is wanting to prosecute people who are not breaking the law by claiming adverse possesion a law that exists in all 50 states but she allows the banks to adversarily posses thousands of peoples homes through fraud and not a single attorney disbarred or ceo prosecuted yes go after the little man but not the too big to fail stel my tax money recieve bailout money corporations

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