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Bondi to appeal court ruling that shields attorneys from foreclosure fraud investigations

Plagued by accusations that she hasn't done enough to combat foreclosure fraud, Attorney General Pam Bondi's office announced today that she will fight a court decision that prohibits her from going after attorneys.

In April, the state's 4th District Court of Appeals ruled that Bondi does not have the authority to investigate a law firm for alleged fraud under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act because attorneys' work on behalf of lenders did not constitute trade or commerce. The attorney general chose not to appeal.

Two weeks ago, that same court issued a similar opinion in a second case, this time involving the now-defunct Law Offices of David Stern, P.A. Bondi filed a motion today that will allow her to appeal that decision to the state Supreme Court.

In the months between the two rulings, Bondi faced a heap of criticism concerning her office's approach to foreclosure fraud.

She was skewered in July for forcing the resignations of two attorneys leading foreclosure fraud investigations. At the height of the controversy, Bondi agreed to appoint an independent inspector general to look into the matter and two Democratic legislators asked the federal government to open an inquiry.

A few weeks later, assistant attorney general Andrew Spark released a long, critical essay accusing the office of failing to aggressively pursue foreclosure and consumer protection cases, then he quit the next day.

Bondi attributed much of the criticism to politics and disgruntled ex-employees, and said her office has increased the number of staff assigned to investigating foreclosure-related cases compared to former Attorney General Bill McCollum. Her office said today that there are six pending investigations into law firms for potential misconduct in foreclosure cases.

State Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, has been one of Bondi's most vocal critics this year. But she welcomed the news that the attorney general is taking new steps to go after attorneys.

"I think she's seen the light," Sobel said. "It's about time."

To read Bondi's motion, click here.


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Attorney General Bondi:

I have direct knowledge regarding a law firm that fabricated evidence in the form of a forged signature for use in court litigation to reform a mortgage.

I would like to be a plaintiff witness.

I can be reached at 617-323-6171 or dougkinan@yahoo.com

Matthew Weidner

This is a shameless stunt. The statute says what it says and the Supremes cannot change that...but the AG could go after the process servers, the document mills and the "back end non-law office operations" that were and remain integral parts of the desecration of our entire judicial system. But now the slowly awakening public will be treated to a reminder of an ugly fact...law firms it seems are above the law.....hardly a positive message for The Bar to carry to an increasingly infuriated public.

She is gross

It is always a stunt with that ignoramus. She does nothing for the people of Florida and is only out to help the corrupt people who donate to her campaign.

CLaudio Sol

Pam Bondi I'm sorry I voted for you, never again. Two employees of the atty's general office were fired by you. Ms. June Clarkson was one of them, she was an incredible lawyer who understood what David J. Stern and the Banksters, prentender lenders and Retired Judges from the rocket docket were up to. Man, I am a registed republican and I just can't stand anymore this "Party of NO". I will be voting for a democrat next time. Never mind about our dear governor, Mr. Scott., what is he good for? BIg bussiness only......I am so disgusted.






Glenn Clover

I am glad that Ms. Bondi is going to appeal this order.

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Malik Basurto, Tina LeRaybaud, Luis Roldan, Bud Kamyabi, and Tom Garcia. Also notaries Shannon Steeg and K. Yaghobi.

If you have any bank documents signed or notarized by any of these names, please send them to me at glennclover@msn.com. I will also share mine with you.

I am glad that Ms. Bondi is going to appeal this order.


Glenn Clover

Im also looking for the same names. my email is ekpena1@gmail.com I have a notory that Im questioning that signed the paperwork. His name is David McCall. Please email me and let me know what you come up with and I will do the same.


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