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Bondi tweaks language for repeal of Blaine Amendment on 2012 ballot

As expected, Attorney General Pam Bondi submitted revised language for Amendment 7, a repeal a long-standing ban on taxpayer money for religious organizations, after Circuit Judge Terry Lewis struck it from the ballot last week.

Siding with the Florida Education Association last week, Lewis said the ballot summary was ambiguous and misleading but suggested how to fix it. Bondi took his suggestion. Read her summary here.

"Voters deserve an opportunity to decide whether to remove from Florida's constitution a provision that discriminates against religious institutions," Bondi said in a statement.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida was among groups celebrating last week's strike-down. In a Tuesday statement, executive director Howard Simon said "the proposal continues to mislead voters by failing to inform them of the chief purpose and actual impact of the amendment – to virtually require taxpayer funding of religious activities of churches, mosques and synagogues.

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Can't Take Anymore

The Teabagger Party's private attorney, Pam Bondi, should refuse to accept her state paycheck. Her whole focus is on carrying out the mandates of her ultra right wing campaign contributors while ignoring the taxpayers of the state. Crooked bankers and real estate developers have nothing to fear from AG Bondi.

Next time, vote Democrat!!!

Next time, vote Democrat!!!


Republican Attorney General Pam Blondi will be sitting on the sidelines in 2015 after serving only one term in office as AGO. The only real question remaining is how much money Ms Blondi can help Governor Baldorf steal from Florida taxpayers before these Republicans are dressed up in fine feathers and run out of Florida on north-bound rails.

Robert Jenkins

Praise to Allah; finally our Mosque will have enough money, to educate our youth to the only true God; Allah! The Infidels will know, as this Atty General does now; Allah will smite the non-believers. As you may not understand; Jihad means, To Educate. Now with equal funding; we will have equal footing. Praise be to Allah the all powerful and all knowing. He has finally touched the heart of Bondi. Perhaps she will now wear a Burkka, and act as she should. Praise Allah!!!

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