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Cannon lays out House session shedule

House Speaker Dean Cannon told members Wednesday not to expect a lot of floor action the first several weeks of session, part of the "collateral" impact of session's early January jump.

Also, like last session, Cannon wrote in a memo, the House will not take up a Senate bill if it's House companion hasn't weaved its way through the committee process and put it on the calendar.

Here's the memo:


TO:                        Members, Florida House of Representatives

FROM:                  Dean Cannon, Speaker

DATE:                    December 21, 2011

RE:                          2012 Session

The early start date for the 2012 Session will have a collateral impact on the timing and sequence of our work in the House.  To assist you in managing your legislation this Session, I bring to your attention several items:

  • We anticipate spending significantly less time on the Floor, in formal Session, than we did last year. I do not expect any major Floor action during the first several weeks of Session. 
  • The policy subcommittees will meet during weeks one through four of Session. Since the fiscal subcommittees will spend the first three weeks preparing their recommendations for the FY 2012-13 state budget, they will be given additional time during weeks five and six to consider Member bills.  If necessary, additional subcommittee time will also be allotted in weeks five or six to the Community & Military Affairs Subcommittee to complete its consideration of local bills, the Government Operations Subcommittee to complete its public records exemption reviews, and the Civil Justice Subcommittee for the consideration of claims bills.  The subcommittee agendas for these additional meetings will be limited to those enumerated topics.
  • The policy and fiscal committees of the House will continue to meet through week seven of Session.
  • Please be reminded that regardless of when you file your bills, referrals are based on content.   The more expansive your bill, the more referrals your bill will likely receive.

Last Session, the House maintained the integrity of its committee process. We did not withdraw a single House bill from a subcommittee or committee, and we did not take up a single Senate bill whose House companion had not reached the House Calendar. It is my intention to adhere to the same principles for the 2012 Session.

I wish all of you Happy Holidays and look forward to working with you when you return to Tallahassee.


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George Fuller

Since the Budget is going to be of immense importance and there is a several billion shortfall in balancing it.........here is the simplest solution without reducing proportional funding......

Pass and start enforcing mandatory e-verify so all new hires will be legal workers.

Without jobs the illegal aliens will self deport and take their kids with them.......

The tax burden on Floridians currently is $3.45 BILLION to educate foreign kids (illegal aliens.......when the parents self deport the student population will dramatically be reduced saving the state a billion or two dollars.....

And....the legislature can be congratulated for doing what they swear to do under the Constitution

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