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Video: Comedy Central targets Gov. Scott -- passing a drug testing cup

 Gov. Rick Scott and his drug testing policy became the unwitting target of Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" on Wednesday as a reporter for the show broke into budget news conference and asked the governor to "pee into this cup.''

“You've benefitted from hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars over the years so would you be willing to pee into this cup to prove to Florida taxpayers that you're not on drugs,'' asked Comedy Central reporter, Aasif Mandvi. It was a reference to the governor’s drug-testing requirement imposed on all state employees and all welfare recipients. 

Scott looked straight at him, didn’t miss a beat and said: "I’ve done it plenty of times.”

Mandvi then attempted to hand the sealed, official-looking collection cup to the governor. "We could all turn around, that's fine,'' he said.

At one point  Mandvi persuaded other reporters to pass the cup to the front row but Scott ignored it. Mandvi asked again. "I hate to keep harping on this, would you pee in a cup?" Scott shot back: "You don't get to run this."

Last session, Scott persuaded the legislature to pass a law requiring all welfare recipients to pass a drug test but the measure was challenged by state Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, and the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and put on hold by an Orlando court. Scott is appealing the ruling.

Here's the video at another angle:



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Robert Jenkins

It's not 5that Gov. Scott was afraid to pee in the cup; he would be embarassed to squat in front of all those folks. Besides he had no T.P. or femanie hygine wipes to clean up.

Can't Take Anymore

Those close to Scott know he will not pee in any bottle. Robot humanoids from the planet Qzzzzzpoop do not pee anywhere. Scott was dropped off on the Earth over 50 years ago and has never in that time peed even once. Take a close look at any picture of his face and you will realize he is not from our world.

Jim B.

I remember that everyone in the Governor's office, including the Governor has to take the drug test.

He may have been better off asking members of the Senate and House. There may have been some interesting results there.

Hillybilly Jim

He probably couldn't hit the cup anyway.


Thank God for the Daily Show and Colbert. Funny stuff. Look forward to the finished piece.


Our elected officials are not required to drug test. Don't make things up!


video here with a better angle.



I agree 110% that anyone getting my money, tax money I pay, should be clean. The funny thing is I smoke weed and still think if you are getting free money you need to be tested. Wake up America. Do you really want to support people that do not care about anything except getting pregnant so they recive more money every month. It's time to end this crap.

C. B.

Ringo - so it's okay for you to break federal law by smoking weed, but you feel qualified to pass judgment on welfare recipients? I'm for legalizing pot, but you can't argue that your habit doesn't have a budget impact under current law. Forcing drug testing only on poor people who apply for government help is discriminatory.

Drug Test Friend

This goes to show you how serious everyone is taking Gov. Rick Scott. He will be the target of many more jokes and spoofs like this one.

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