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Cue the exile debate: Marco Rubio gets publisher

Marco Rubio is about to make some serious coin.

The major publishing house, Penguin, has agreed/won the right to publish the nationally watched biography of the nationally watched Florida Senator-- the target of liberals and acolytes of the Democratic White House who don't want to see the Republican garner any more positive press or become a national candidate one day. Right now, he's a vice-presidential short-lister.

At issue: Rubio's story about being the son of Cuban exiles. The Washington Post in October questioned Rubio's account, noting his Senate office incorrectly said that his family fled Castro's Cuba. They actually fled Batista's Cuba. Still, they're exiles.

Rubio now has a chance to tell his family's story in depth in as many pages as he wants. Rubio has admittedly been a little sloppy at times with his facts; this is a opportunity to get them right.

Chances are, it will be a best-seller in 2012, judging by how much conservatives love him and how much liberals dislike him. There's also a birther controversy in all of this. Controversy helps as well.

So, in a way, Rubio might want to thank the Washington Post, the liberal group American Bridge 21st Century and the birthers for all the attention. 

Here's the press release:

New York, December 5, 2011 -- The Sentinel imprint of Penguin Group has acquired a memoir by Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. The book is currently untitled and tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2012. 

World rights were acquired by Sentinel President and Publisher Adrian Zackheim from attorney Robert B. Barnett of Williams & Connolly, following a competitive auction process with six publishing houses over the span of one week. As is customary, the deal is pending final approval by the Senate Ethics Committee.

Rubio, 40, is the son of working-class exiles from Cuba. During his rise in Florida politics and then a long shot campaign for U.S. Senate in 2010, Rubio highlighted principles shaped by the experiences of his upbringing and his family's exile history. 

Rubio's compelling narrative is a classic American story about parents who sacrificed everything, even their own hopes and dreams, for the chance to pass on a better life to his siblings and him.

His father worked mostly as a bartender, while his mother worked as a maid, cashier and retail clerk. Every day, Rubio saw American exceptionalism through the labors of a hard-working family that came to America in search of the American Dream, and found it. 

Mr. Zackheim commented, "Marco Rubio is one of the brightest rising stars of the Republican Party and will likely be on the national stage for many years to come. Of equal interest is the emotional story of his family's journey to the U.S. from Cuba, their exile experience and how that shaped the Senator's life. This will be a very personal memoir that proves that the American dream is still alive and well for those who work to pursue it."


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Robert Jenkins

Valor Robado, Stolen Valor!!! In the "real" exile community; there is a bit of anger about the loosely use of the term Exile. His wonderful parents came to the United States by choice and stayed by choice; there is "no" disputing this fact. An embellishment is when you massage the truth a little bit. Marco chose to flat out lie. He didn't have to. His "real" story was and is truly an example of the American Dream. Yet he chose to lie about it and that tarnishs his "star". I've heard it said by "real" exiles; To fight into exile status, is the core of the core of a "true" exiles experince. To shed blood with me in this fight; will always make you my Brother. If a person lies about his back ground, for no reason at all; to me makes that person untrustworthy. If he would lie about that; he would lie about most anything else. Has he come clean about his visiting Profeer job? Why only after getting caught does he do the right thing? Personal use of the RPOF credit card, double billing for "comped" flights, charging for damage done to his van by a valet parker; after that company paid for those damages; would amount to fraud by anyone else. Two pacs he created used for other than their stated purpose. Paying family members, to do political work. The list goes on and on. Once Greer has his say; I predict several more investigations. I predict unless Greer is "paid off" his testimony will ruin many a political career here in Florida. I'd even wager, once Rubio resigns; Gov. Scott will appoint himself to finish Rubio's term as Senator. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve.


"At issue: Rubio's story about being the son of Cuban exiles."

That is false. The issue is that Rubio is NOT eligible to be our POTUS. Marco Rubio’s parents were NOT U.S. citizens therefore he is NOT eligible to be POTUS or VEEP. If he is a true patriot and supporter of the Constitution, he will immediately call a press conference and announce that he is not a ‘natural born citizen’ because his parents were not U.S. citizens and that he cannot accept any invitation to join a presidential ticket. For more eligibility info, see: http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/minor-v-happersett-is-binding-precedent-as-to-the-constitutional-definition-of-a-natural-born-citizen/.

Help me make that happen. Go to http://rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact Tell Rubio that you expect him to do the right thing so that we can both fix the constitutional crisis we currently face and forever prevent another from occurring. This problem should have been resolved following Chester A. Arthur’s administration when it was discovered that his father was not a U.S. citizen when Chester was born – but it wasn’t. Let's finally put this question to rest.

If Rubio will stand tall and make that announcement, it would immediately shine a spotlight on Barry's ineligibility and force the SCOTUS/Congress to act. Help me make that happen! It will only take a couple minutes - please do it now!

Craig Quirolo

I thoght books were written by people who accomplished something, another do nothing book for do nothing people.

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