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Ethanol in your gas -- not with bill moving through House and Senate

You know that label on just about every gas pump tank in Florida that announces the fuel contains 10 percent ethanol? Forget about it if a bill that passed the House Energy and Utilities Committee Wednesday becomes law.

The bill, HB 4013 by Rep. Matt Gaetz, would repeal the 2008 Florida law that requires gasoline to include ethanol. A Senate committee has already approved the measure 10-1.

Gaetz argued that the corn-based biofuel causes problems in boats, lawn mowers and old cars, is an efficient net consumer of energy and a unfair government mandate. He compared it to tacos.

"Businesses particularly love stability when the government mandates that the public buy that business's products,'' he said. "If I sold tacos for a living, I would really like an environment where the government forced everyone to eat three tacos a day."

But Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, a Democrat from Tallahassee, noted that "tacos are not energy policy. Energy policy is important not only to the state but to national security and our economy." She argued that increasing the use of renewables such as ethanols is essential to decrease the nation's dependence on foreign oil.

The committee also heard from companies that produce biofuels in Florida, who warned that the measure will reduce jobs and may not reduce the amount of ethanol at the pump, since federal law also includes ethanol requirements and gasoline producers will include it even if Florida doesn't require it. Marine industry and boat manufacturing lobbyists argued in favor of the measure, even though state law exempts gasoline used in aircraft and boats from including ethanol.


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In a country where people go hungry every day, why are we using crop lands to grow fuel instead of food?

water concern

Also consider the amount of water needed to grow these crops for conversion to fuel...water is an already scarce resource...using it to grow fuel will exacerbate the problem.


"She argued that increasing the use of renewables such as ethanols is essential to decrease the nation's dependence on foreign oil."

USE THE OIL WE HAVE HERE IN THE USA INSTEAD OF EXPORTING IT, AND WE WON'T BE DEPENDENT ON "FOREIGN OIL" ANYMORE. Also ban speculation of oil and most of the problem of $3.50 gas will go away, allowing people more money to spend on other items and services that directly benefit a multitude of local business instead of just the big oil and gas companies CEOs.

And do the idiots in gov. not understand that when you mandate something like ethanol that destroys lawnmowers, chainsaws boat motors and the like, that you are adding to the increase in cheap imported (read Chinese) replacements that only help to further undermine manufacturing in the USA?

Iggy Dalrymple

"Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, a Democrat from Tallahassee"

What an idiot! Even most GimmeCrats understand that mandated ethanol use is not economically viable and causes food price inflation.


Since Bronson announced FL RFS (2008), Florida has been the leader almost every month for contaminated E10 gas reports we receive-Certainly encouraged a market in FL for ethanol-free gas stations (who almost always shamelessly inflate price and profits for E0). Florida's gas problems run much deeper than a poorly written Mandatory ethanol blending law. The only realistic solution is Fuel Choice at the pump which must include ethanol-free. I'm still wondering why when I lived in Florida I couldn't find an E85 pump anywhere? I guess they thought it was easier to push E10 on EVERYONE instead of promoting E85 for FFV engines specifically designed to use ethanol, which at least has some benefits as a fuel replacement. Some will be disappointed if E10 becomes a choice, starting with the long list of gas additive product companies based in Florida. And forced E10 became a mechanic's dream. Hoping your past problems will lead you down the road to success. Demand ETHANOL-FREE FUEL CHOICE, while encouraging advancement of alternative fuel replacements that actually have benefits and are not so controversial.

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