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Florida charter schools: big money, little oversight

Preparing for her daughter’s graduation in the spring, Tuli Chediak received a blunt message from her daughter’s charter high school: Pay us $600 or your daughter won’t graduate.

She also received a harsh lesson about charter schools: Sometimes they play by their own rules.

During the past 15 years, Florida has embarked on a dramatic shift in public education, steering billions in taxpayer dollars from traditional school districts to independently run charter schools. What started as an educational movement has turned into one of the region’s fastest-growing industries, backed by real-estate developers and promoted by politicians.

But while charter schools have grown into a $400-million-a-year business in South Florida, receiving about $6,000 in taxpayer dollars for every student enrolled, they continue to operate with little public oversight. Even when charter schools have been caught violating state laws, school districts have few tools to demand compliance.

Charter schools have become a parallel school system unto themselves, a system controlled largely by for-profit management companies and private landlords — one and the same, in many cases — and rife with insider deals and potential conflicts of interest.

In many instances, the educational mission of the school clashes with the profit-making mission of the management company, a Miami Herald examination of South Florida’s charter school industry has found. Consider:

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Can't wait for Wednesday's article which will demonstrate the blatant conflicts of interests that exist, like Erik Fresen introducing legislation that will benefit the largest charter school in the state. The fact that it's co-owned by his sister is simply coincidental.


I could not believe the people involved with my friend's child's charter school People with no education on the board, and teaching. Horrifying.

Dr. Kaz

Wow, this sounds like the tactics of the Charter Schools managed by followers of Islamic Imam Fethullah Gulen.



Charter Lover Dad

I think purpose of people who are labeling successful charter schools as Gulen Charter Schools is to defame Fethullah Gulen and successful charter schools. It was mentioned on CBS's 60 Minutes that nationwide TIME Magazine listed some of those two successful charter schools in top 10 schools of the nation. They're combining those schools as Gulen Charter Schools, because they're successful. Those people who are actually against good and goodness picking Fethullah Gulen's name as a person to mention with those successful charter schools. Whoever they are, they don't like Fethullah Gulen because of his teachings and positive contribution to humanity in 21st century.

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Charter Lover Dad

Read more on Gulen Charter Schools Myth and Fethullah Gulen:




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