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Gov. Rick Scott's shrinking Florida government workforce

From today's column by Steve Bousquet:

In the spirit of generosity that marks the holiday season, Gov. Rick Scott will give state workers an extra day off this Friday.

How kind!

Scott issued an executive order shutting all state office buildings two days before Christmas.

Will anybody notice?

State employees have become practically an endangered species in Florida.

Year in and year out, they are sacrificed at the altar of a smaller, leaner bureaucracy at a time when politicians are forced to continually slash the size of the state budget to avoid raising taxes.

Florida has the smallest and lowest-paid workforce of any state in the country.

It's a trend that will continue in 2012.

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Robert Jenkins

Odd as this may sound, the Governor's staff is much larger then any previous Governor. In particular, his security details. Why would that be? My Son was working at a place where Scott was to speak publicly; his "staff" forced many non-Scott supporters from the area he was to speak at. It happened also at Century Village where he was to ceremoniously sign the State budget. There is a civil rights investigation under way from that move. No, Scott hopes to be as popular as President Obama; yet that will never happen.His pretending to work at middle class jobs is a joke. Let him (if he is so bold) do a shift at a Miami inner-city fire house, or at the Liberty City Sheriffs Office substation and ride alone. See he could then explain to persons he meets on patrol; just how well he is serving the public. I can hear it now This is Gov Scott. I need back up. I SAID THIS IS GOV SCOOOOOOTT, I NEED BACKUP. Say again there caller, your breaking up, what is your location. Or better yet allow Scott to work a cell block at a maximum Security prison. Yeah, that would be rich; (o) before his shift, (0) after. Yep working at a prison is a real eye opener!


But the really sad part is that we still have more state bureaucrats than we really need.


Fact is state agencies don't have enough staff at this point to enforce the laws that the legislature itself passes. Lets see what happens when buildings start burning down from lack of fire inspectiions, sex offenders stalk our parks because there's not enough law enforcement, developers pollute your water because of no monitoring, and insurance companies stop paying claims because there is no one to challenge them. very short sighted but the way republicans want it.

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