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House Democrats seek -- but fail -- to chastise Allen West for likening them to Nazis

House Republicans voted against taking up a resolution that would have scolded Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, for likening the messaging of the Democratic Party to that of Hitler's propaganda machine.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 231-188 to table the resolution, which was sponsored by Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md. The vote was largely along party lines.

Several Jewish organizations asked West to apologize last week after he compared the messaging of the Democratic Party to that of Nazis.

"If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine," West told reporters Thursday afternoon in Washington. "Let’s be honest, you know, some of the people in the media are complicit with this and enabling them to get that type of message out."

The Anti-Defamation League said it was "deeply dismayed" by what West said. “Such outrageous Holocaust analogies have no place in our political dialogue," said Abraham H. Foxman, the ADL's national director as well as a Holocaust survivor. "They are offensive, they trivialize real historical events, and they diminish the memory of the six million Jews and millions of others who perished in the Holocaust."

Edwards said Tuesday in a statement that West's "outrageous and insensitive remarks" have "no place in our nation’s political discourse." "This privileged resolution states clearly that this distasteful behavior cannot and will not be tolerated in the House of Representatives," she said. "The American people demand and deserve true leaders who are willing to work together to solve the nation’s economic and fiscal challenges. I ask my congressional colleagues to join me in sending a clear message that we share that priority."

West's spokeswoman Angela Sachitano said in an e-mail that he had no comment. Democrats have "stooped to a new level in their attempts to bring down Representative West, who they have deemed a threat to their power," she said. "Here we are in the midst of serious congressional business, and they are focusing their energy on Representative West."

West, a freshman Republican from a heavily Jewish district in South Florida, made the remarks when he being asked about why the GOP was doing so poorly in pools. A poll released last week by the Pew Research Center found people blame Republicans more than Democrats for Washington's gridlock. The Pew poll warned that public discontent with Congress has reached record levels, a prospect that could make re-election challenging for Republican incumbents.

West told reporters last week that Republicans needed to get better at messaging, and when asked whether to clarify that he was likening Democrats to Nazis, said that reporters would twist his words to suit their agenda.

"Once again, you guys will take whatever I say and you will spin it to try to demonize me or demagogue me,” West said. “What I'm talking about is a person that was the minister of propaganda. And I'm talking about propaganda. So please. I'll be prepared to wake up tomorrow and you guys make up some crazy story. Whatever."


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West is wrong. The democrats are not NAZIS, the are Marxists. The Nazis were great with the economy.


west? open mouth insert foot once again - don't you ever get tired of your toes?


WOW. Allen West is scum, plain and simple. He is a dispicable excuse for a person. How he got elected is beyond me. He just keeps making a fool of himself.

R. J. Briere

West continues to make outrageous comments obviously for publicity purposes and the media "bites" every time. The Dems are spineless wimps (mostly) who appear to be afraid of taking any kind of a stand against their fascist counterparts. West is offending the very people who might reelect him but at this rate he will be a one term Congressman, thank God. Unfortunately, he is my Congressman and is certainly worse than his predecessor, Ron Klein who was pretty awful also. Ah, America, land of a two party dictatorship that represents wealthy and corporate interests only. Both parties totally SUCK!

RandyPam Mason

I support Allen West, The dems are using Joeseph Goebbels propaganda machine, its pretty obvious


Look in the mirror West/GOP.

R B Quinn

West is an embarrasment, not only to his party, but the nation as a whole!

Luis Martin

Yeah we have a Great propaganda machine, it's called THE TRUTH.

Allen West, your village is looking for it's idiot.


Facund... Republicans are Faschists... Bush killed capitalism and replaced it with Faschist... faschism is corporate socialism...

broward resident / miami worker

vote West out next November

All American



Tyrone Wiggins

West can say what he wants, I cant wait until he is voted out and is unemployed like the rest of us in his district. West, is a joke....look at his haircut....who rocks a 90's flat top and does not fade it in. WEST F-you, you promised that you were going to change DC, it looks like you have become the problem not the solution. Get a haircut you looser.

Truth Be Told

Look at all the sheeple bleeting for their master, our Liar-in-Chief...
Where was all the outrage when George W. Bush was compared to Hitler a few years ago...?
The leftist liberals can't handle the truth about the Dumbocrat party, they have the best liars in the country, Eric Holder and Barry Obama...!!!


West is wrong. The DemonCrap Socialists are WANT TO BE Nazis. They already have an abortion holicaust going on. They've already taken over GE. They want to take over your "health care" and God knows what kind of sick Mengele-like experiments they want to try. If you give these people one millimeter they will eventually kill you. They are DANGEROUS!


How many comments against West were written here by the same person and her followers: Debbie Wasserman Shults and all the liberal jews from Broward. She is the one who has to go and never return.

Maryanne Watkins

Amazing....Democrats have compared the Tea Party to much worse, they were called every name under the sun. OWS said all kinds of ugly things regarding the Jews, where was the outrage. Pelosi and her ilk have called GOP Nazis, Reid, Murtha, Kerry have called our military murderers, and rapist. The democratic party said that the GOP wants the American people to breathe dirty air, drink dirty water, kill old people. The list goes on. Give me a break....this is a perfect example of the demoncrats saying don't do as I do, do as I say. Set the example hypocrites!

trash is trash..

west is garbage. his illegal/ barely legal residence in district he continues to embarrass needs to be looked into. should have been court martialled and thrown out of us army

Denny Wood

I call the nasty, evil, rotten to the core people at my insurance company who make my life as miserable as possible by e-mail NAZI'S.

That is how they act, like NAZI's, denying the most simple needs to spinal cord injury, 1500 miles away. If I lived in Columbus, Ohio I would probably get arrested as I would confront these NAZI's face to face.

This word is rarely used by me, but when people conduct themselves to make my life miserable, it is the only word that comes to mind.

West, had no business calling an organization he is not part of NAZI. Politic's often gets dirty, but West went below the belt on this one.


Allen West comes across as one of those type of politicians who will say anything, no matter how outrageous, to keep his name in front of the public. Some Hollywood type once said, "I don't care what they say about me as long as they spell my name correctly". Unfortunately our system is up clogged with too many politicians with hardly a statesman to be seen.


If you think that congress man West is wrong you might be right. You have not carried it far enough. He is wrong because the Dems are not Nazi they are a lot closer to Communists or Socialist in their ideals. You can tell this if you read Saul Alinsky's book Rules For Radicals, which is the play book that virtually all Dems use for their campaigns including Obama. You are right that the USSR did not have as good a propagandist as Joseph Goebbels, because if you read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich you would find that the author, who lived in Germany from 1933-1939, found it hard to keep the truth straight even though he had access to the BBC, New York Times the London Times and a lot of other outside information because Goebbels was a propagandist deluxe and there was only one of him. Thank God. He is the best example of what is happening in the USA to the media and the Dems.
The people of the USA have got to realise that if you only get one side of the story you will be as controlled as the Germans and it dose not make a difference if you call it Nazi or Communist you will be just as much a prisoner or dead either way. When the President starts a campaign to shut down a TV network as Obama tried to in the Fox News case you would have to be a complete fool not to see where this kind of thinking is leading, because if it had not been for other media outrage it would have been the start of shutting down any media that he did not agree with. This would make the Patriot Act look like a free speech act.


Col. West has EARNED our respect. His ACTIONS ON BEHALF OF THIS NATION has spoken to where his loyalty stands. I read the vile things said about him on this article and know in my heart that every one of them is being posted by those mind dead folks who do nothing all day but belly up to the Govt. handout line. I'll bet you pay no taxes and destroy property others have worked for...AND, by the way the working are working every day to pay for the handouts. The moochers and looters seem to have the biggest mouths and do all the complaining. They add nothing positive anyplace.

MJ Stan

Liberals are so used to hearing their Lies and Propaganda, so they do Not even recognize that West is Exactly Right.
Both Nazis and Commies spread Crap, just like the Dems do!
Most Media Misleads people.


So it's okay when Mike Doyle compares the Tea Party to terrorists, but not when Allen West compares the Democrats' message machine to a Goebbels-style propaganda network?

Shari Neal

Hateful, self loathing and distorted verbiage is just not conducive to what inspires thoughtful remedies to what is ailing Americans. The name calling provocative behavior of Adam West is inappropriate and offensive as he intends to be. I am a liberal by choice because I believe in a society that is considerate of the well being of it's citizens. Rich or poor. I respect and trust President Obama. I am disappointed in ignorant stagnant, foolish communication with no recourse.

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