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Illegal immigrant amnesty concern helps tie up sex-trafficking crackdown by Marco Rubio

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is pushing for a tough anti-sex trafficking law, but it’s partly being held up due to concerns about abetting illegal immigration.

“Oftentimes, the victims are people who are brought here illegally or are here and their visa expired,” Rubio said. “And they’re terrified about cooperating with prosecutors against their pimps or the organized crime syndicate because they believe they’re going to be deported.”

So, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act would give victims temporary residency status to help catch the bad guys, the Republican lawmaker said.

But that could be a pathway to a perverse type of amnesty. And that’s a problem in a nation where Congress has been unable to comprehensively address illegal immigration — a central issue in the Republican race for president where the word “amnesty” is a slur.

“It’s been a factor. Some people have talked about it. The concern is not the victims,” Rubio said. “The concern is that someone would exploit this and use it as a loophole to somehow game the system. You’re always concerned about somebody gaming the system. This is a law that’s designed to help victims of trafficking and exploitation.”

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Robin Ked

Ummm there are ALREADY visa's available to victims of crime, created to secure their cooperation when they, as victims of crime need to testify against the bad guys...I would think Mr Rubio Should know about this system that's Already in place & not try to pull the wool over the eyes of voters trying to come up with a New way to Amnesty ILLEGALS...!!!--Sheesh

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There is already a `U` Visa that protects Illegal Alien Victims of Crime. The humane thing to do is send these victims back to their homeland where they can heal from their ordeal. The American Citizens are the Real Victims in these Amnesty Scams. These politicians are hell-bent on REWARDING every single illegal Alien they can find. It's Rubio and Ms.Nunez that are trying to game the system.
Call Congress (866-220-0044) Demand our Immigration Laws be Enforced.


See, that's the problem anyway you try to tilt illegal immigration to a "comprehensive" solution. It will end up being amnesty and in violation of our laws and Constitution.

If I break into your house, there is no "comprehensive" solution to forgive me because the law is the law.

You can't combat sex-trafficking of illegal aliens by granting them amnesty in order for them to report the crime. That weakens our law, a magnet for more illegal alien females to come here.

The best way to deal with sex-trafficking of illegal aliens is to considerably reduce the number of Latinos in the U.S. The lesser their number, the smaller the problem and more manageable the problem become.

Deal with Mexico like we deal with other foreign countries with terrorists. Either we use sanction, tariffs, suspend NAFTA or occupy the border regions they share with us. That way we can effectively eradicate the drug business down there and "force" Mexico to pay us for it.


Has anyone noticed that Senator Rubio was absolutely against amnesty, while running for the Senate seat but now that he finds himself in the Senate, surrounded by the financial interests of others and probably his own pockets, all of a sudden now Senator Rubio is talking about making illegal aliens, legal.

This is the reason why Washington is a mess, politicians say what people want to hear in order to get their vote, and once elected they are moved by money alone.


Trafficking is a lucrative industry. It has been identified as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. A common misconception is that trafficking only occurs in poor countries. But every country in the world is involved in the underground, lucrative system. More than a thousand of girls every month are forced into a life of selling their bodies.

Documentary - "Sex Trafficking In Cambodia" reveals the condition of many women in South East Asia who are forced into sexual prostitution/slavery.


George Fuller

Amazing the writer says the word amnesty is treated like a slur by republicans.....

So....for those uninformed about amnesty......there was no mass amnesty until 1986 when farm workers were granted amnesty and the program is still open.....

Since then.....and no one ever talks about it......there have been 6 additional mass amnesties....

7 amnesties and what is the result........millions more asking for it......guess what folks......Amnesty begets more amnesty.......



Amnesty only serves to incentivize more immigration lawbreaking.

A government which refuses to enforce its own laws is INTOLERABLE!

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