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Jeb Bush-tied Hispanic Leadership Network to co-sponsor FL Republican debate

From a press release:

The Republican Party of Florida is proud to welcome the Hispanic Leadership Network as a co-sponsor for the January 26 Republican Presidential Debate that it is co-hosting with CNN. The debate will air live domestically on CNN and CNN en Español. 
The Hispanic Leadership Network’s Inspiring Action conference in Miami will play an integral role in serving as CNN’s main remote location for the January 26th Jacksonville Debate. The two day conference kicks off with the live televised presidential debate and demonstrates the important role that Florida's Hispanic communities will play in 2012 and in the larger national policy debate over the direction of our country.
"The Presidential debate, just days before the January 31 primary, will present a great opportunity for our candidates to make their case to Florida's Republicans," explained Chairman Lenny Curry. "We wanted Florida Latinos to join the conversation, and this partnership with the Hispanic Leadership Network allows it to happen."
"Hispanics and Republicans naturally share many of the same core values," said Governor Jeb Bush, who serves as the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference Co-Chair. “This debate is an opportunity for Hispanic voters to hear from the candidates on the issues that will shape the future of our country."
"The Hispanic Leadership Network looks forward to partnering with CNN and the Republican Party of Florida as co-host of the Republican presidential debate in Florida," said Jennifer Sevilla-Korn, Hispanic Leadership Network Executive Director. "With over 4.2 million Hispanic Americans in the state, many are acutely concerned with the candidates' positions on center-right issues of importance to the community. Co-hosting this debate as part of our 'Inspiring Action' Conference will provide the Hispanic community a direct line to the presidential hopefuls on center-right issues."
The Hispanic Leadership Network is an advocacy action group focused on engaging the Hispanic community on center-right policies based on the principles of freedom, limited government and individual empowerment. HLN is hosting the Inspiring Action conference in Miami, Florida on January 26 and 27th for Hispanic advocates whose goal is to restore opportunity and prosperity in America.


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Robert McNicoll

Is John Bush Going to Mention to Hispanic Leadership... WHY,

"U. S. House Republicans wanted provisions placing limits on the ability of Cuban immigrants to visit families on the island or send money back to themd, Despite White House protests and an explicit veto threat"!.

Robert McNicoll

(U. S. )"House Republicans officially unveiled the massive, bipartisan spending bill late Wednesday to fulfill transparency rules, but Senate Democrats had yet to officially sign on. However, the measure wasn't expected to change much, if at all, before a vote Friday, despite White House protests and an explicit veto threat regarding provisions placing limits on the ability of Cuban immigrants to visit families on the island or send money back to them."


Denny Wood

Will Jeb Bush describe his 8 years as an ADA violator? Will he describe the restrooms on his floors that people in wheelchairs could not use? And all the other state buildings he did not address under the ADA law?

Will he admit that he retaliated against a wheelchair using pro bono lobbyist, who authored the ADA Capitol Report, by vetoing a 1.25 appropriation for quadriplegics that had a 3 to 1 Federal match?

See www.dignity4disabled.con for more information on this wicked man's veto and the ADA Capitol Report that Bush stonewalled.

By the way, the real Bush, Jeb's father, in 1990 made the ADA happen. That was a real man.

Jeb Bush should not have any policy making power, much less advising Scott on how to run the Florida Government.

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