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Lobbyist Brian Ballard becomes pivot between Florida GOP and Greer

Brian BallardLobbyist Brian Ballard has unwittingly become a pivotal figure in the state's fraud and money laundering case against former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer.

Ballard, a fundraiser and confidant to former Gov. Charlie Crist, was brought into the criminal case by Greer's lawyers to recount a telephone call he had with the governor in January 2009.

In testimony at a Nov. 17 deposition, Ballard said the governor approved of plans to bring GOP fundraising "in house'' and pay extra money to Greer and Delmar Johnson, the party's executive director.

But Ballard said he knew nothing of Victory Strategies, the private corporation Greer and Johnson established to receive a percentage of money they raised. Ballard said he first heard about the company when he read about it in newspapers. (story here)


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GOP/RPOF insider

This case should be DROPPED now, after this deposition how could the State keep going? This is going to be really bad for the Florida GOP. Pay greer and stop this before the elections of 2012!

Kathleen Hayes

I don't think paying him is a good idea. It will come off as being "hush money", making things worse for Florida. Gov. Scott should not be in office. His invoking the 5th Amendment 75 times, has raised eyebrows about the Gov. being involved in Fraud through his ties to the Medical Corp, defrauding Medicare and Medicaid.
With all of it, Romney took the State...do NOT encourage anything coming close to a pay-off. I feel terrible for Florida, but it needs a "HOUSE CLEANING". The real victims here, are the residents, as usual.

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