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Miami Beach officials vote to oppose casinos and reject legislation

Miami Beach commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to oppose any expansion of gambling and urge the Florida legislature to reject a bill that would open up South Florida to destination casino resorts.

According to the resolution passed Wednesday, Miami Beach contends that gaming carries “severe and painful economic and social costs,” “promotes corruption of the governmental process,” and would “exacerbate traffic.”

The vote continues a series of anti-casino votes during the past three years by the Miami Beach commission. It would likely discourage casino operators from eyeing property in the city should the current destination casino resorts bill pass in Tallahassee, because the bill currently requires local approval before a gaming license can be issued.

That means Steve Wynn, the owner of Las Vegas' Wynn Resorts who reportedly offered to pay for the city’s ambitious Miami Beach Convention Center expansion project during meetings last month with city officials, would need to look elsewhere to build a casino. Story here.


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Dan H.

The corruption of the Miami commissioners raises its ugly head. Can't imagine why they wouldn't endorse the regulated casinos to Miami.


What a total JOKE. If you dont think Miami government is corrupt now, you are living in a bubble you bunch of bubble heads. Try and get a concession at the airport or any other government run facility. If your not related and your "appelido" is not of Latin origin, you are screwed. You needed Steve, not the other way around. Typical Miami. Caught in the 80s and maintaining its North Havana feel. Totally predictable by the way long before the opportunity was presented to you. Key word "present"

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