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Mitt vs. Mitt? Well how 'bout Barack vs. Barack?

The Democratic National Committee's "Mitt vs. Mitt" attack on Mitt Romney takes the Republican to task for being on two sides of a number of single issues.

But political double-talk is a bipartisan tradition.

Consider the remarks of President Obama, who's insisting the economy's getting better (but admits things are worse now than when he took office). The problem with the progress argument, as the Republican National Committee points out, is that Obama essentially bashed it when President Bush held office.

From an RNC press release:

President Barack Obama: “So the bottom line is this: Over the last three years we have made enormous progress. People aren’t feeling all that progress yet because we had fallen so far and some of the problems that we faced -- whether it was on health care or energy or employment -- those are problems that had been building up over decades. And we never anticipated that we would solve them over night because these problems weren’t created overnight. But the trajectory of the country at this point is sound.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks At Campaign Event With Wealthy Donors, New York, NY, 11/30/11)

FLASHBACK: Obama Attacked Use Of “Great Progress” To Describe American Economy In 2008
Then-Candidate Barack Obama, Circa August 21, 2008: “He said a while back that he thought we had made great progress economically during the years that George Bush has been in office. Now that raised some eyebrows. Great progress economically – who’s he talking to?”(Barack Obama, Remarks At Campaign Event, Chester, VA, 8/21/08)


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