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More bad news for FAMU: Child, 8, molested in bathroom of FAMU K-12 school this year by former student, FDLE says

As students swarmed his mansion in protest late ThursdayGov. Rick Scott said there was another reason he wanted university officials to suspend FAMU President James Ammons, but he couldn't say it.

This appears to be it: The Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested in October an 18-year-old Alabama student on charges of molesting an 8-year-old student of FAMU Developmental Research School. The man arrested, Ralph Monroe, graduated from the school, according to the report.

A FAMU DRS teacher notified FAMU police in May when she noticed the child "disrupt his trip to the bathroom." As the teacher questioned the child, "he pointed to Monroe and said that if he goes in the bathroom, Monroe will hurt him," the report states.

An officer interviewed the child in May, "which in summary revealed that he had been molested by Ralph Monroe."

In July, FAMU asked FDLE to assist with a forensic interview. In August, Monroe started classes at Stillman College in Alabama, the report states, on a football scholarship.

Monroe was arrested in October by the FDLE inspector in Alabama on two charges of lewd and lascivious battery on a child under 12.

A reporter asked Scott to describe the other factor during a media availability Friday and he would not. FDLE released its report about an hour after Scott's availability.

Neither FAMU nor the governor's press office did not offer an immediate statement. Scott is meeting with Ammons and former state Sen. Al Lawson at 3:30 p.m. Friday.

This story is developing.


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Glen Fields



I'm a 12 yr. resident of Florida. When I lived in western NYS, I really don't remember so many sexually-related alleged crimes against children in such a short time! Here, the so-called "Bible," reigns, I'm told. Well. apparently. it dosen't! I have been in a gay sexual, loving & non-child-abusing relationship for 19 yrs. My partner & I are committed Catholic Christians, and the abuse of kids by pastors,priests, coaches, teachers & others is most disgusting & amazing for us.


Please repent and read your bible. Man was not made to lay with man nor woman with woman God created Eve for Adam. Nobodys sin is greater or bigger than anyone elses. So with this being said I am not passing judgement. I'm just telling you what the bible says if your a christian then Christ you cannot say no one told you or you didnt know.


If your a christian then certainly you have read this in the bible. On Judgement day you cannot say no one told you or you didnt know.

Arthur G Broadhurst

The comments by "unique" are unfortunate. Quoting snippets of a 2500 year old pre-Christian religious text as a justification for arrogant social judgment of a gay relationship is both unkind and un-Christian.

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