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'Newt will not hide behind Super PACS'

From a press release:

Miami, FL - Newt 2012 Florida State Director, Jose Mallea, sent the following letter to Newt Gingrich supporters in the state today: 

Newt Surges in Florida
SUBJECT:  Super PAC Attacks
TO:  Newt 2012 Florida Team
FROM:  Jose Mallea, Florida State Director, Newt 2012
DATE:  December 19, 2011
Miami, FL-- Newt Gingrich’s double digit surge in Florida polls has Super PACS in attack mode.  Newt will not hide behind Super PACS to attack his Republican opponents.  He remains focused on the facts that matter to Florida voters – ousting Barack Obama in 2012.

Newt is the only candidate who led a national conservative movement to reform the federal government.  A balanced federal budget, tax cuts, and leadership in the White House don’t have to be faint memories of the past.  Newt’s plan for the big issues that face our nation will renew America and restore leadership to the White House. 

Newt is a candidate of substance, we will continue to build our momentum and grass-roots support throughout the state for the positive ideas, positive solutions and the proven leadership of Newt.

Stay tuned for exciting Newt 2012 FL County team leadership announcements soon.


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Why is the Republican Party establishment so enamoured of Romney and so afraid of Newt?

Is it just their traditional adherence to the standard line of succession ... like it's Romney's turn next?

Or is it that they fear Newt won't kowtow to the Republican Party establishment's perqs and pet projects and pre-existing commitments to certain banking, defense contractor, and other corporate special interests?

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