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North Miami Beach employees in hot water over alleged Santeria birdseed plot

A note to prospective municipal employees: If you’re looking for a way to help out beleaguered colleagues, casting a spell on your boss is probably not the way to go.

Two North Miami Beach employees — one a police officer, the other a department office manager — are in hot water after trying to enlist some supernatural aid in the form of what they believed to be a Santeria practice.

Their alleged target: City Manager Lyndon Bonner, whose plan to slash the police budget prompted protests and union outrage this fall.

Their mystical material: handfuls of birdseed which, according to an internal affairs report, they hoped to scatter in and around Bonner’s fourth-floor office at City Hall.

But when they tried to recruit a janitor to sprinkle the seeds, she balked — and turned them in.

Officer Elizabeth Torres told investigators she meant the manager no harm: “I want to clarify, that it’s nothing malicious and nothing intended to hurt that person.”

More from Nadege Green here.


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Anne Beal

Santeria, eh? How about just hoping the guy would slip on the millet and fall down on his butt?


Not surprised. Miami has been a 3rd-world nation for quite some time now. Western civilization is pretty much dead there. Look for a witch doctor mayor within 10 years.

The Morrigan's Pet

Looks like the PD needs to tighten up the psych test.


How 'bout, he's doing his job-there's NO MONEY--GET OVER IT--COWBOY UP---


These people clearly don't practice Santeria, and I bet they "don't got no crystal ball..." either.


Useless public workers, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:


And they had a million dollars but they, they spent it all..


If not for affirmative action these morons would still be scrubbing toilets. Good work, social ruineers.


so they're not allowed to "pray" for the CM? Might make an interesting case.

Louis Ludwig

What else would you expect from a third-world city whose citizens depost dead chickens and goats on the courthouse steps at midnight?


Lowering the standards to accommodate dumbed down education for more "diversity" and this is the end product.


Ah, the joys of diversity!

jerry voss

Officer Torres is right. There is a spiritual realm. Invoking its power can be constructive or destructive. For the positive go to John 10 (it's in the Bible!) Believe..but, make sure of the object of your belief!


Let Hatians and other third world animals into your society and this is the outcome I would expect.

Riaska Noblez

Who say Maimi 3 world? We ben here 11 month. Get welfar & foud stumps.


Promote separation of BowlSchit & State.

Kevin Stowell

Gotta keep those crazy Christians from any influence, though. Welcome to the Third World, presided over by a third-world prez.

Yes, I know. Santeri is mix of voodoo and Catholicism. Hardly Christian.

Msgt Edward Boothe

Apparently these idiots would rather see their city go bankrupt than take corrective measures. What has happened to the American people, have they lost their sanity?


Hmmmm. Maybe instead of cursing them we should cast the demons out of government.

No wait, that would mean that all of them would have to go except for the DMV (it takes a higher power to cast out Lucifer himself).


I stick pins in my Comrade Barry doll everyday!


If they were tea party people (who wouldn't ever do that anyway), the MSM would call them domestic terrorists (using violence to achieve political outcome). But since they are liberal unionized government employees, MSM won't talk about it (other than this local newspaper), and downplay it as simply "helping out beleaguered colleagues."


A good example of how minorities are not capable of integrating in American society and should not be allowed in to the country. It won't be long before the dark chocolates and the milk chocolates pull out their machetes and guns go after anybody in their path!


This is the trend for the next decade, overpaid, nice-pensioned bureaucrats fighting for their access to the taxpayers revenue generated by property taxes.
Parasites get nasty when they're about to have their fangs removed from the host...

Sean patriot

No such thing as the supernatural .


These kinds of stories are going to get kookier as time goes on. Government at all levels is broke. As they slowly figure this simple fact out, the goonions will continue to live life as if blood can continue to flow out of a rock.


Their Santeria birdseed ain't no match fer my Christian birds!


Seems as if your leaders (union thugs and upper level Democrat strategists) have sent out the talking points. All of a sudden the expression "3rd world" starts being tossed around like it came out of nowhere. This is all you need to know about how far our enemies have infiltrated society. With this quivering mass of useless humanity blindly following, we must be vigilant.


Officer Elizabeth Torres needs to be put on suspension until she can be fired after her mental test. What a freak show.

Russell Haddock

And to think, all these years I have spent in Corrections because I did not have any college to become a police officer down south. Maybe I should have went to Voodoo U.


I don't really get the part about them being 'in hot water'. Will they be charged with something? Conspiracy to distribute birdseed?


Lol, loony tune town, crazy multi-cultural country.A Nigerian nielist President and 44,000 governments. Half the people working to pay for the other half that are not or are government workers (which is the same as not working). Orwell was right, when lies become institutionalized telling the truth will be an act of treason.


Another day in the life of a dying society...See y'all on the other side. :)


OMG - do you people actually read what you write??? This list could become a comedy skit ... if it wasn't real. Sad :>(



jamaican rastafari raggamuffin bloodclot style

MAN I miss Sublime.

Jose Garcia

Even the International Santerian Society is disavowing having ever had anything to do with these people.


If there was no intent. Why you one go to the trouble to recruit the janitor.
The smell test stop this one.
Stop quoting the Constitution, it is so wounded it look like Swiss Cheese.

John C

Haven't these public employee government workers heard of "separation of church and state"? Tell them to keep their religion out of the work place or seek other employment.


Send the orcs back to Mordor.

Donald Butterfieldwort

i like pizza


Just how low are the IQs of these people? Obama voters no doubt.


If they want to practice their religion then that's fine with me. Maybe the guy who was going to get hexed can practice some old testament beliefs and rituals,,, Like,, suffer not a witch to live.


Wow, what does that say about Miami? It has become a cesspool of voodo, African religious curses, and a mixture of communism and Latin American nonsense, mixed in with terrible street crime and violence. No thanks, I will not visit that place.


crazy people out there


And the brown invasion of the USA continues apace because Whites, constantly hammered by decades of left-wing communist lies about how evil it is not to share their country with 3rd-world parasites, have lost the courage to defend their race and culture from destruction.

Welcome to the multi-racial insane asylum called the USA. Enjoy!


Shoot all of the browns and blacks - they are animals


Hilarious. But all religion is a joke.


Sounds like typical Obama political skulduggery. He believes in magic to make his programs work.

Paul Woolgar

Gee you mean I could get a job as head shaman? I have had to banish Sangria before as I am a natural born Objiwa Shaman by descent. I can heal or curse merely by hand contact also I have others of the same descent living in Florida who might also be interested in cleaning up this mess. Never ever Invoke what you cannot Banish.. Then do no harm incasting a spell. See Mark 16:16 King James original Version. SLW

Barney Fife

Protection from a Man with a Hex

(Said while reaching your right arm over your head and touching your left earlobe with your eyes closed.)

Wink'um pink'um,
nodamus rex,
protect us all,
from the man with the hex.

[Only works in Mayberry, North Carolina except during a blue moon.]

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