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Poll: Gingrich leads Romney 48-25 in Florida

Florida Republicans still heart Newt Gingrich, according to a CNN/TIME/ORC poll of early caucus and primary states released Wednesday.

The poll's results for Florida have Gingrich at 48 percent, Mitt Romney at 25 percent and no one else in double digits (Ron Paul's in third place with 5 percent).

The poll interviewed 446 registered Republicans and has a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points. 

Read more from TIME's Swampland blog, including poll results for Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, here.


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"Polls as Propaganda"

The people are catching on that these polling agencies bias their polls by demographic selection (Here the demographic is not defined at all). No longer do we even see the statistics or the questions provided to support theses stories. The MSM has all but stopped online polling altogether. The only thing these polls serve (especially polls tied to major media) to prove is a near unilateral media bias against freedom and liberty in favor of the corporatocracy...

"Polls without complete statistics and data available are fish stories...."

When this information is provided by the shill pollsters they think we will not
read it. The common thread to keep Paul's numbers down seems to be 3 things:

1.) Polling only land line holders. (information not provided in this poll)

2.) Polling less than 10% under 35 years old and in total under 25% under the
age of 45 years. (Here they only give a percentage of the vote above and below 50 years of age but do not provide the actual age range by number of respondents.)

3.) Polling only known entities, i.e. certain well researched republican
groups known to the party. (This is impossible to determine from the data as well. Although they describe the voters they do not show how they know that they are say, "likely voters" That demographic selection information is not provided and maybe the most telling deletion.)

If you can’t look at the data and demographics yourself. Throw these polls where they belong, back in the sea…

Save our freedom. Ban computer voting and tabulation in your locality before your next election. Paper ballots only. "See any irony here???" If they
don't like the online polls that are beyond their skew what do you think they
will try to do with the real vote if we the people give them the slightest

Wake up America they are not just going to let Paul win unless we continue to shine a bright light over their shoulders at all times.
Liberty needs advocates we must all be vigilant now.

My unscientific opinion on this,,,, in an unbiased poll Paul
is far in the lead and poised to take over the GOP already and they know it.


Polling bias aside, a vote for Gingrich is a vote for Obama. Newt cannot win!

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