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Rick Scott pollster: Bring on Charlie

What better way to help ring in 2012 than a little speculation about Florida's 2014 election cycle. This little nugget from our interview with Gov. Rick Scott's pollster, Tony Fabrizio:

"I would relish the opportunity to run against Charlie Crist," Fabrizio said. "But is the guy who presided over Florida's economy going into the tank really going to run a campaign when Florida's economy is springing back? How do you work that? Promise to do better this time?"

Happy New Year everyone!


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Saint Petersblog

Be careful what you wish for Tony Fabrizio!



Why even mention Charlie Crist? After being wooped by Senator Rubio does he still think he can run in Florida?


LOL, this comes from a Governor who has the lowest approval rating of all the 50 states, and the lowest approval rating a governor has ever had in Florida?


scott shouldn't bother to run - he's not done a single thing that benefits floridians and until he does? He and tony seem to think people are blind. Well listen up tony - we're NOT!

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