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Rick Scott strategist highlights Democratic face-palm moments

Conservative message-meister Keith Appell, who was part of Gov. Rick Scott's campaign team, just sent out a missive highlighting the fact that Democrats, like Republicans, are providing a few made-for-campaign-TV-ad moments. Here it is:

The GOP presidential primary campaign has given reporters (and late night comedians) plenty to work with, but what is being overlooked is how Democratic leaders are providing YouTube moments made to order for conservative and Republican campaigns next year.

 Sen. Manchin rips Dem colleagues for no budget in three years and for having no clue about budgeting: http://bit.ly/uY0JqQ

Sen. McCaskill criticizes Leader Reid by name for not being more cooperative: http://youtu.be/bK0rjkLxfTY

DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz (aka the gift who keeps on giving) says the job picture has actually improved under Obama: http://bit.ly/u4eSqp

And then there’s this:  Today’s very revealing Roll Call story about how Dems are beginning to run from the “Occupy” movement after Obama and Pelosi publicly embraced it and expressed support for it, and, just as TIME magazine named “the protester” as its Person of the Year: http://www.rollcall.com/issues/57_74/Occupy_Liberals_Tensions-211034-1.html?ET=rollcall:e11672:80063663a:&st=email&pos=eam



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