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Scalping bill stalled amid price gouging protests

In recent weeks, performing arts and athletic venues around the state have vocally criticized proposed legislation that would benefit ticket scalpers. They argued the proposal would be devastating to both their businesses and patrons.

Well, it appears legislators are listening. In today's story, we report that the bills, at least for now, are not moving at all.

StubHub, an online ticket-selling company that proposed the plan, said the measure would increase transparency and give consumers more freedom to buy and sell event tickets.

But venue operators said the idea would lead to quicker sellouts and steeper prices for patrons. The law also would require venues to handle all refund requests, even if the tickets were purchased through a third party.

Lawmakers have yet to consider the proposal (HB 225 and SB 392) in any of the six committees it has been assigned to, a signal that the idea is likely dead for the 2012 legislative session.

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