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Scott will find education dollars by squeezing state agencies

In a contribution to the state's editorial pages last week, Gov. Rick Scott declared he was "committed to increasing Florida’s investment in the education of our young people."

"I've been traveling the state ... and listening to people," Scott told reporters today. "And one thing they care about is they care about education."

Without raising taxes, Scott said today he'll find additional money for schools by squeezing state agencies and other areas of the budget where he will "make choices" to spend less.

"I've asked all of our agencies to tighten their belts, just like all Floridians have. I'm going to have to make choices. But I want to make sure that our children, our students, can get the education they need to get a job," he said.

(We're not exactly clear whether the past tense Scott used means he's already asked state agencies to spend less - like the budget holdbacks of the Crist era - or if its simply that he plans to recommend less money for the departments in his budget request on Wednesday. We've inquired with Scott's press office and will update here when we hear something back.)