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Sean Penn to Maria Conchita Alonso: 'Pig!' Alonso to Penn: 'Communist!'

Political tempers flared between two celebrities when half-Cuban actress Maria Conchita Alonso and Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn exchanged heated insults at Los Angeles Airport, the actress told radio station WMAL on Tuesday.

Alonso, a sometime-Miami resident whose parents have both seen their countries — Cuba and Venezuela — fall under leftist leaders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, called Penn, a “communist” after he called her “a pig.”

The former beauty queen who first became famous for her 1984 role in Moscow on the Hudson told the L.A. radio personalities the incident happened Sunday in front of her wheelchair-bound mother and dozens of passengers and airport staff. The two actors, who co-starred in Colors in 1988 met accidently at LAX white waiting for information on Penn's and Alonso's mother's lost luggage.

"I go 'Hello,' and he smiles and says, 'Oh, you lost your bag too?" Alonso told Steve Malzberg on WMAL. "And I'm like, 'No, my mother (lost her bag).' And at that moment he recognizes me because he didn't recognize me before, and he goes, 'Oh, it's you.'"

Alonso says she told Penn, who has called Chavez a friend, she wanted to speak with him about the Venezuelan leader and Penn blew up at her. “He goes,” she said: “I don't want to talk to you. You speak badly about me. You insult me on TV," Alonso told the station.

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Maria Conchita is little but an aging victim of plastic surgery who has barely a functioning neuron in her brain. She drags herself quite nicely along the ground trying to eek out some popularity.

Richard Cheeseman

The estimable Mr Penn has my sympathy.

The last thing you need when waiting for lost luggage after a flight is for some rudely arrogant right-wing fool to prance up and give you an unwanted piece of what passes for her mind about politics, i.e. the smug self-importance inculcated by her lifetime of privilege and the born-to-rule pretensions of the propertied elite as a whole, fatuously articulated as dogma.

"Pig" was apt but rather too kind.


Ah, so it's obvious from these posts that Comrad's Castro, Chaves and Penn's are hero's to posters here. Just remember, if your hero's were in charge, all your "OWS" children wouldn't have such a noble cause to protest, or your "Coffee"party..oops thats gone too!
No my friendly polite socialists, it's Sean "Pig" Penn who is the fool. If he really beleived in the communism he preached, "Spicoli's" life would be different. Be you whatever, if you support communism..good for you, for those that will stand up and have the courage to say the "empeorer" has no clothes (Penn) I'm with you!

Les B

I applaud Ms. Alonso I'm clapping for her! I lived in a Horrific Dictatorship. I know the Attrocities these Maniacal Dictators have done better than most of you who have lived in the USA. These Countries have no Human Rights, there's Famime, no Freedom. Penn is a pathetic Communist backing Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad and I totally boycott anything Sean Penn does!!!


Dear Conchita:

First, I was unaware that the name Gary was a nickname for Conchita, but isn't it true that we all learn something new every day?

Second, Conchita, please stay away from real movie stars. NO, they will not reach out to you and help your career.

And lastly, Conchita, please stop having so many plastic surgeries. The general anesthesia is clearly affecting your brain adversely.

Take care!


Several years ago I went to Miami to spend a winter break. While there, the Elian Gonzalez saga was the topic that had permeated the emotion of every Floridian poignantly, if not the whole nation.I heard one Cuban-American ask" why are we so hated", referring to the majority of Americans opposition to keep the child in this country against the father's will. Seeing Cochita Alonzo's erratic and ignoramus behavior toward Sean Penn to try to prove a point, regardless its legitimacy or not, educates us to know why the Cuban exile is so isolated and repudiated from Latin America and the world community.


Sarah: Gary is not, and never was a nickname for Conchita, but Sarah may be synonymous with Communism. Yordaly: You heard one person. Only one! Yet you judge the entire Cuban exile population by that one person and the interpretation of what you heard. That makes you an "ignoramus." You sound a part of a few Latin Americans who dislike Cuban exiles. I have never felt isolated or repudiated from Latin American communities and much less the world. The world community WOW! That is large! The Cuban exile made Miami and Florida with hard work and intelligence. CEO's of both Pepsi and Coca Cola have been Cubans. Bob Costas - Sports announcer, said once that the tiny island of "Cuba has given the world more athletes per square inch than any other country in the world.” Let us not mention all of the 27 musical rhythms. We are anything but isolated. You can find Cuban professionals all over the world. If we are isolated, it is because of jealousy and envy from you and others who do not amount to anything in this world. You should, by all means, try Castro and Chavez because it seems that you, and others like you on this forum are not only Communists, but would either "poop in their pants" away from their “daily bread” or become another lousy "chivato" if they had to live under a Communist regime. What are people like you doing in the United States especially if your country is free? The United States accepts all nationalities even imbeciles. You are apparently a hate monger. If you really want to be educated, READ!

Jose Miguel Roig

It's easy to be a leftist when you live in a Los Angeles mansion and a luxurious apartment in New York City, drive expensive cars, fly first class, stay in 5 star hotels and taken care by several servants (no doubt Latinas). Mr. Penn, you may be a good actor, but as far as I am concerned you are a fake.


Mr. Sean Penn You are a Communist! some of use talk about right wing what about the left wing idiot's...

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