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So far, Newt Gingrich is wining the Herman Cain primary

A new political race has begun: The Herman Cain primary.

The implosion of the one-time Republican presidential frontrunner leaves his voters — and his political organization — up for grabs.

Right now, national and Florida polls show Newt Gingrich is benefitting most. He’s also trying to pick up some of Cain’s campaign team.

But nothing’s certain in a race where there have already been five frontrunners.

“If I had to vote today, I’d vote for Ron Paul,” said Francisco Gonzalez, a Tallahassee Republican who was part of the conservative tide that elevated Cain to top-tier status in the Republican Party of Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll in September.

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Don't believe it!!!!

Though based on his statements Cain is unlikely to endorse Ron Paul at least one major Cain supporter is already moving to Paul with a claimed 18,000 members to his organization.
"20 hours ago – Welcome to the former Herman Cain Forums, now Ron Paul support forums Introduce yourself to the rest of the members here." source Google.com


"wining?" Do you folks use spell check or is this just another example of the dumbing down of employment?

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