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Streamlined House maps also create swing seats

If a goal of the proponents of the Fair Districts amendments was to make legislative seats more competitive and diverse, the House redistricting maps released this week may inch closer to that ideal.

The House staff created five different maps for redistricting the House of Representatives, each designed to keep county and city boundaries together.

In each of the maps, based on voter registration figures, 49 districts are solidly Republican, 33 are solidly Democratic and at least 21 districts could be considered swing districts. But voter registration doesn’t always determine who gets elected and, based on results of the 2008 and 2010 elections, there may be only 15 reliably swing seats, according to a Herald/Times analysis.

Nevertheless, that’s a big shift from the current House, where 81 Republicans hold a super-majority over 39 Democrats. Story here. Herald/Times interactive maps here.


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