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Rats and gambling

RatYTo give an idea how much cash there is to blow in gambling, check out the guy dressed as a rodent with this sign in front of a Florida Senate committee door: "The Florida Chamber is my lap mouse."

The sign is a reference to Disney World, patron of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, which doesn't want casino resorts in Florida. The gambling patrons of the Associated Industries of Florida lobby could have been responsible for the character-actor-prop. Or this could be lobbyists having fun. Or both.

Some lobbyists are secretly calling lawmakers rats because some are primarily concerned with campaign cheddar right now as they draw new legislative and congressional districts. One lobbyist said being in Tallahassee during committee week means one thing: "the legislators just pick our pockets." But it's legal. It's called fundraising.

And that's what this gambling bill is definitely good for: Lobbyists and lawmakers, who both profit off the battle of special interests in the Capitol. Sometimes it's even good for guys who just want to dress like a rat.



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The mighty Mouse-That-Ate-Florida does not want anyone else to nibble on some of their Florida cheese.

When did Mickey become a mafioso, or was he always one?

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