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There goes the story of The Herman Cain

Can't help but think of the Bob Dylan track The Hurricane when thinking about Herman Cain -- not because the Republican presidential candidate is being set up, but because he's a fighter. He also might be too much of a lover. Either way, it's probably time for him to throw in the towel.

Consider this headline on "Cain Prepares to Discuss Campaign's Future After Damage Assessment." When your campaign sounds like it's reeling from a Category 5 hurricane, it's over.

So whether it's today, tomorrow or a few weeks from now, Herman Cain's campaign is ending with a whimper. It's a sad day for the news media, which thrived off the telegenic candidate at first and then marveled at his self-inflicted wounds. He bashed the news media for his problems, which he said weren't worth reporting. Then he'd go on television again and again to make the problems worse.

Here's the top of the Fox story:

After returning home for an intimate meeting with his family, Herman Cain plans to make an announcement as early as Saturday morning about whether infidelity and sexual harassment allegations are enough to shutter his campaign. 

Cain, if he's already made a decision, is keeping that call close to the vest. He's insisted for the past week that he needs to work out the issue with his family, and then assess whether he has the political and financial support to carry on. 

He said at a South Carolina campaign stop Friday that he's not going to let anybody make him reach a decision "prematurely." Cain said he "doesn't doubt the support" that he has, but that he has to put his family first. 

Cain will use an already planned event in Atlanta marking the opening of his Georgia headquarters to "clarify exactly what the next steps are," he said. 

While campaign aides have given the impression of a campaign in full swing, scheduling a slew of rallies in key battleground states in the run-up to his announcement, the candidate's numbers have taken a dive.