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Video: Barack Obama re-elect chief calls 'Bullsh*t' on $1b campaign; says FL 'the easiest way' to win

Jim Messina President Obama's re-election chief, shares 5 of 40 paths to victory in this video. Florida, with 29 of 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House, plays a key role. 

"We can’t just have a Florida strategy but Florida is the easiest way to 270 electoral votes. We have a big operation on the ground in Florida. We are working hard to carry Florida,” he says.

Messina says he wants to put as many of the campaign's map scenarios in play. And the campaign wants to register more voters -- even in Republican-red Arizona. "The good news is we have a lot of options," he says. But it takes money -- just not the sum Republicans say Obama plans to raise.

"People have speculated this is a billion dollar campaign. That's bullsh*t," he says, the swear bleeped out.


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He should know from bull droppings as he works for the great Obamboozler.

Steve Thompson

Here is a detailed look at fundraising efforts to the end of the third quarter 2011 for all major Republican candidates as well as President Obama:


Apparently, only the rich need apply.

Marili Cancio

You can work as hard as you want to carry Florida but it ain't going to happen. Mitt Romney 2012 will be the winner and we will not be counting chads. Mark my words.


I don't see a single map that doesn't include Obama losing Michigan, which went hugely Republican in the midterms and can swing red with Mitt Romney. Virginia, NC, Iowa, AZ, NH, Nevada(highest unemployment) are all lost. This whole thing comes down to Ohio, Penn, FLA, Colorado,and MI. If Michigan goes red, Obama must take Ohio, Penn, and Florida. Better hope its not a Romney/Rubio ticket. Rubio will excite conservatives and split Hispanics.


When will we stop dividing American people? "Rubio split Hispanics" And who cares? Hispanics are Americans too unless they are illegal.
Any responsible citizen of this country will do right choice and will vote for anyone but not Obama. Last election was big OOOPS!!! JOKE!!

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