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Cuban dissidents record video of police crackdown

Cuban dissidents have sent out photos and videos of a large police crackdown in the eastern town of Palma Soriano that left at least five government opponents with head wounds, black eyes and other injuries.

One photo of the Dec. 2 roundup of 46 dissidents shows Henry Perales with two wounds on his shaved head that required nine stitches to close. Another shows AbrahanCQ Cabrera with one stitch on his forehead.

“That wound bled a lot because it was on a blood vessel, but it was a kick to the ribs on the right side that made me fall to the ground … It still hurts,” Cabrera told El Nuevo Herald Friday by phone from Palma Soriano.

The images were sent to the newspaper by Luis Enrique Ferrer Garcia, U.S. representative of the dissident Cuban Patriotic Union. His brother, former political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, heads the Union and was one of the men arrested in the Palma Soriano crackdown.

Union members and supporters took two weeks to smuggle out the photos and videos, via emails, because they had to work slowly and carefully to avoid police agents who were trying to find and seize the images, Luis Enrique said. The Palma Soriano roundup was one of the largest and harshest police crackdowns on dissident in recent years. All were freed hours or days later – one of them 12 days later – without charges.

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There are no comments here yet? Nobody seems outraged that some Cubans in Palma Soriano were attacked by government henchmen and their supporters? How come? They are not worthy of sympathy and support? Why not? Because they are not loved by Jesus? Because they do not belong to God's chosen people? Because they are citizens of a Banana Republic and not deserving of the same rights of other more advanced peoples? Such hypocrisy makes me vomit.

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