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A confident Mitt Romney energizes Hispanic Leadership Network crowd

A loose Mitt Romney, clearly riding a wave from his performance in Thursday night's Jacksonville debate, energized a friendly crowd at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference in Doral, where the audience was clearly happier to see Romney than Newt Gingrich about an hour earlier.

"I thought it was a delightful debate," Romney said as he took the microphone. "I loved it!"

He was introduced by the youngest of his five sons, Craig, who speaks Spanish after spending some time in Chile. (He is frequently featured on Romney's Spanish-language ads.) The son delighted the crowd by introducing his own son, Parker, and saying Romney "será un presidente excelente" -- will be an excellent president. Ann Romney then introduced her husband.

Romney received several sustained rounds of applause, and a standing ovation about 20 minutes into his half-hour speech when he pledged, "We will help Cuba become free."

He also said he would appoint a presidential envoy responsible for democracy and freedom in Latin America. And he went further than Gingrich on Puerto Rico, saying he hoped Puerto Ricans would follow the lead of Gov. Luis Fortuño and vote for statehood for the island. Fortuño, who was at the conference earlier Friday, is rumored to be backing Romney, though the governor was cagey when approached by a reporter asking him about the endorsement.

"I expect the peopke of Puerto Rico will decide -- like he feels -- they want to become a state," Romney said.

In a clear move to appeal to Fortuño, Romney spoke about drug trafficking. Fortuño is scheduled to appear with Sen. Marco Rubio later Friday to address that very topic in Miami.

"We are not a good example in this regard," Romney said, adding that the U.S. should teach Americans about the consequences of drug use, an argument he has made in Spanish-language interviews in Miami. "Stop taking drugs, because they're killing people," he added, calling for a hemispheric task force on drugs.

On immigration, Romney made refence to a Gingrich attack ad Rubio and others derided, and declared, "We are not anti-immigrant. We are not anti-immigration. We are the pro-immigration, pro-legality, pro-citizenship nation." The crowd applauded and whisteled.

The 11 million people in the country in here illegally already should be given a temporary status and then have to return to their home countries to apply for citizenship, Romney said. "Other people call that self-deportation," he said. "We're not going to go out and round people in buses and send them home."

Romney said he intends to fight for the 4.5 million people waiting to come to the U.S. legally.

"I want them to get here. I'd like to see a transparent process," he said. "I'd like them to be able to go on the internet and see where they stand."

And he spoke about letting employers find out if workers are illegal, the kind of e-Verify-dependent proposal that died last year in the Florida Legislature. "I will crack down aggressively on those employers just like we do on companies that don't pay their taxes," he said.

Finally, Romney spoke about unemployment and the economy, citing the 11 percent jobless rate for Hispanics nationwide. "This is a failed presidency," Romney said of President Barack Obama. "He did not cause a recession, but he made it worse."


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I guess Hispanics aren't buying Newt's lies.


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It saddens me to see a "Christian" use the same tactics of information overload and selective text and out of context quotes that atheists use to tear down religion. How do you feel when an atheists shows inconsistencies of the bible or list "evidence" that Jesus wasn't really the Son of God? Do you feel better and stronger in your faith when you take the time to do the same thing to another religion that differs from your own? Is that what Christ taught? If that is how a "christian" behaves towards others then maybe I'm glad Mormons are not considered Christian by your standards.


Have you ever even been to a congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Your list of false teachings about the church is both dishonest as well as misquoted. Your effort to discredit the church is an effort to tear falsely at that which Jesus Christ himself has set forth through both prophets of old as well as those of the past couple of centuries. If you truly believe in the God of Heaven, I encourage you to go to Him in honest prayer and discuss with him your intentions as to whether they be good or evil. May the Holy Ghost rest upon you and bring peace to your life as you seek His truth rather than try to push forward your own philosophies.


Dane - I hope you didn't take the time to type all of that in yourself...because most of it is wrong and all of it is misleading. None of it matters a whit in relationship to this article.
Anyone who calls themself a Christian and then goes out of there way to spread this kind of misinformation should review Christ's teachings to His disciples.


So handsome!


Newt is unelectable and the nation's evangelicals do not trust Mitt.

Mike O'Hara

My best friend growing up was Mormon. Served as a trauma surgeon in Afghanistan. I can't think of anyone I'd rather be looking up at after an IED exploded under my truck. I bet they live a darn sight cleaner lives than a lot of the other Christian religions that seem to think it's okay to look down on them as lesser Christians.

This is the tip of the Mormon hate you'll see funded in part by the Democratic "Big Umbrella" party. Baloney.

Maria J.

As a Massachusetts resident and a hispanic, it really saddens me to see the Cuban community in Miami falling for this guy. Mitt is the biggest phony there is in politics, he will say anything to win, he has so many different positions in all issues that is totally pathetic, republicans eat their own, don't let Mitt eat you, he wants to deport every undocumented latino including all the children that fall under the DREAM act, if you think he will represent the middle class and you, you're in for a big surprise, if you think things are going to get better under his Vulture capitalism, then you deserve what will happen to you. He is the mastermind of the Obamacare, no matter how much he denies it, the man has no principle. He suffers from multiple personality disorder...Do the right thing for the sake of the Latinos!!!

Shalom Aleichem

Once upon a time…there were three little conservatives…at least that’s what they said
The first said of amnesty for illegals and not building the wall…let’s do that instead
Of stopping the flow of illegals who are 30 percent of inmates in the federal pen
Oh and taking 1.6 mil from Freddie and Fannie…yes I did it and I’d do it all again
He traded wives like he traded positions and he said…I just have so much to give
I’m Newt and I’m running for president you know—by the way…I’m “conservative”
The second said hey my name is Mitt and I’m telling everyone for the record here
I started Obamacare in Massachusetts and if you don’t like that…I really don’t care
He hugged a tree and said look at me—I embrace Al Gore’s global warming sham
And the third said yes I am Rick Santorum and a true conservative is what I am
When the voters looked at the first two’s cooked books they went against decorum
They voted for the one Demwits and media hate and they nominated…Santorum !!!

Juan Mart

Hispanics will see past the BS mitt! Newt 2012!!!

Maria J.

"I guess Hispanics aren't buying Newt's lies.
Posted by: jakesd68 | January 27, 2012 at 01:47 PM"


Martin Lee

Dane, I am a Southern Baptist minister in Utah and can tell you that copy and paste as an argument tool will only make you look foolish when you spread falsehood. Check your facts, read the LDS doctrine statements, examine the hearts of the people you so appear to hate. I for one stand with Mitt Romney as our next President and Commander in Chief and would quite frankly put his standing with the Lord up against many 'Christians' that I know. Stop the hate Dane. Cheers, VETSForRomney


Mitt is the only candidate that can work with all people of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, etc. and continue to get our economy going again. I can tell he is the most genuine candidate and will keep his promise. His charitable acts are proof of his character. You have my vote Gov. Romney!!


This quote sums up at least one very important difference with catholics, lutherans, reformed and presbyterian Christians who don't believe there have been any new prophets since the old testament:

"Your effort to discredit the church is an effort to tear falsely at that which Jesus Christ himself has set forth through both prophets of old as well as those of the past couple of centuries."


Mormons are good people. We turn the other cheek when persecuted. Do you see us picketing "The Book of Mormon Musical" even though it mocks us? No, we do not picket. Instead we turn the other cheek and use the publicity to share our message of Jesus.

Would protestant religions picket a broadway play if they were being mocked on a nationwide scale? Of course, protestants seem to picket everything that attacks them, which is fine, but Jesus didn't picket; He was passive, and the one time His apostle did fight back, Jesus reprimanded that apostle and healed the soldier's ear that had been chopped off.

Over a thousand years later christians were still fighting in the name of Jesus by killing others. In the 1800s christians were tarring/feathering/murdering Mormons in defense of their Christ. Missouri even passed a law in the 1800s, which lasted over 100 years, declaring that "exterminating" Mormons was allowed in that state. How sick is that? Would Jesus have accepted that? Would Jesus have tarred and feathered Mormons? Would he have been in that mob of "Christian" men who killed Joseph Smith because he claimed to be a prophet of God and who was also running for president to gain influence in stopping the persecution of his people?

Sadly people have been killing in the name of Jesus since the crusades (catholics) and recently were killing the Mormons in America (protestants) in the effort to stop beliefs about Jesus that were contrary to their own. What if the Catholics had killed all the Protestants when they protested the Catholic interpretation of the bible?

My point is that once people are convinced their God is the correct one, then they will do anything necessary, even go against that God's teachings, in order to defend their point of view. The guy who commented first on this thread has the same sick religious bigotry that was used to persecute Mormons. Mormons believe that we are from the 12 tribes (evangelicals don't even claim that), and if we're right, then you're persecuting God's people today, just as they have since the time of Jesus. How about you teach your message, we'll teach ours, and in the end we find out who's right? Sound fair?

Denny Wood


Romney is getting away and unexposed. The above is how he looks like our Governor Scott, both making millions ripping off Government programs and evading prosecution.

Romney got off easy thanks to Newt and the TV moderator, letting the Cayman Island Banking history of Romney slide. Google is the place to go to read about that banking history.

Yes, a good week for Romney, thanks to the Florida daily newspapers.

cliff kirtley

The disease concept was a panacea for many failing medical institutions adding billions of dollars to the industry and leading to a prompt evolution of pop-psychology. Research has shown that alcoholism is a choice, not a disease,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The fear of marijuana... stems from its limitless potential for treating illness, in that both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical monopoly would lose billions of dollars if marijuana became the non-drug of choice


A good week for Romney because the guy turned around his performance at the debates, just as he turned around the Olympics, turned around businesses, and turned around the budget shortfall and unemployment in Massachusetts.

Romney is a problem solver, and if he can turn around the media (as you said Denny), or turn around ANY opposition that stops him from implementing his will, then he is a success. America needs success right now after the Fed and Congress have spent us into $15T in debt and shrunk our military just as China is ramping up theirs.

Romney fixes everything he touches, because he learns from his mistakes. So keep attacking him, but in the end, if you can't beat him join him, or join Obama, or stay home and not vote but that's the same as voting for Obama.


The comments posted by "dane" are false and inaccurate. How sad that people instead of accentuating the good prefer to attack a particular church out of ignorance, misinformation and pure spite.I did not even bother to read the entire post. Such venom fosters bigotry and denigrates a church whose members strive to lead decent, moral lives. Enough of the hate. Let us show some common sense and compassion.


Estoy con Romney. Es todo un exito.

Mitt Romney can solve problems and turn this country around, just like he did with the Olympics and many troubled businesses. Gingrich would just be another Obama, someone who's only significant experience was gained in Washington. Neither Obama nor Gingrich knows how to solve problems, only how to create more.

Berkley Carter Mills

...just want to be sure that you all know that if it were not for bush,s 12.8 tril $$ giveaway to wallstreeters/bankers MITT..would have been made broke by the stock market and not be running for prez...google... its all here ""bloomberg vs federal reserve 12.8 tril $$""....and video...@ PBS.org ""inside the meltdown""they got saved and kept their money...we got the tax bill for it(( 300 billion $ for every man woman child is owed to pay off debt )) ...and we lost 7 tril $ in 401,s and 7 tril in housing and still counting...for a total of 28 tril $$...and these guys want more tax cuts for themselves ...they need to go to jail...bain capital even got $$ so it could stay around to do more corporate raiding s !! a vote for repub is more of this !!beware of them all !!


How true is that Steve.

Did you hear Gingrich's solution to illegal immigration two debates ago? He said that illegal immigrants who've been here over 25 years would have to prove that they were a good citizen through tons of red tape. All those steps to citizenship would take lots and lots of people to check and enforce, and how many law suits there would be. It is just a bureaucratic headache, which is how politicians in Washington think.

When businesses struggle they bring in an outside consulting firm. I suggest that America do the same. Bring in the turnaround consultant called Mitt Romney. Almost everything he touches is a success.


DANE is an example of religion taken to fanatical levels...people like DANE are the people whom we read about who, at times, get a gun and kill their entire family, because "God told me to" - people like DANE, who take religion and apply it to everything and anything that they see fit, are probably the scariest people on earth...they're twisted beyond belief...they're so fanatical about their religion that they lose sight of reality.

People like DANE, who think that they're some kind of messenger from God, in reality, are nothing but scared people who cannot differ from what is REAL and what is NOT REAL, hence their need to use RELIGION as their basis for every single thing on this earth.

Religion is good...anything IN MODERATION IS GOOD, but when people like DANE feel the need to take it to the next "over the top" level, then it's not religion...it's just crazy fanatical jibberish.


Hey Berkley: IF...IF...IF...

If it weren't for Bush's spending...
If it weren't for the Federal Reserve's spending...
If it weren't for Obama's spending...
If it weren't for Congress's spending...

We get it. If this hadn't happened we'd all be billionaires and live in the perfect world, but if did happen, and IF Romney doesn't get elected to fix this mess, then you'll soon be saying...

If we only had picked a candidate that had a proven track record of fixing our mess then we wouldn't have lost our credit rating again, we wouldn't be in a 2nd great depression, and we wouldn't be 2nd to China as the world power.


Mitt Romney is a smart guyhe was one of only fifteen students to enroll at the Doctor/Master of Business Administration four-year program coordinated between Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School"
sorry i did not see Obama's trasncripts but i would love to compare their academic records
Mitt Romney is successful businessman, ( those who hate him for that should move to Cuba) Mitt Romney has an excellent family ( unlike gingrich)

Bottom line: He is not perfect but he is way better than any five senators/ congressman with whom who is competing (Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, Obama, Biden) all five of them ( yes the Paul and gingrich on the same side as Obama and Biden) all professional talkers and he is professional doer

Jeff Stone

The classic pseudo intellect Romney with his 3mil per year tax donations to his phony cult religion hiding and shifting income in Swiss and Cayman accounts. He has the Hispanics in South Florida hoodwinked into thinking that he will do good for them if nominated....this is such poppycock that Obama will beat him like a drum in the general election. ....he has a fraction of the intellect and experience with the workings of government that Gingrich has and he is pandering to the so. fl hispanic vote....wake up you lemmings...there is only one person here who can beat obama in November and thats Newt Gingrich...everyone else will be a loser like McCain...

D Lundgreen

When Govenor Romney came to Utah to turn arround the 3 million $ deficit here. I just assumed that we would as tax payer's still get stuck with this huge bill. We had a 1 million $ surplus when he left. The Olympics were a huge success after 911. He helped to make our country proud again. The security for the was unpresidented. Mitt is running to turn the Country arround for us. He obviously isn't doing it for the money. He did not have to help with the Olimpics. He could have stayed at Bain Capital and been a Billionaire by now if that was his priority. Thank God for men like Mitt. He get's my Vote. He is the only one that can turn this economy arround and reverse the National debt..


Why for for Romney - the obama Lite, When You
can Vote for The Real Thing - obama.
At Least you know what He Will do to the Country.


When Mitt becomes President we will baptize all of you non Mormons.We will then force you all on to the Space Ship and then send it to the moon where Newts Colony is.(Wikipedia)


Gingrich is so smart. JUst like Obama is so smart.

They both need to get off the government gravy train and work in the private sector for a while. (and Newt lobbying for Freddie Mac is still paid for by taxpayers).

Lets hope both Newt and Obama are off the government dime in 2013.


Dane is sicko forgive this poor guy


Dane is actually correct, please inform yourelfs with the facts. Many will be deceived... If you claim to be a Christian and believe that Mormons are in the truth, then you are kidding yourself..

As for Romney, he is better than the other candidates, but as a long time Republican I have a hard time seeing Romney as our next president.

Dane congratulations on your research, you get an A- since you did OT mention the magical briefs that are blessed my the Mormon church. If you think I am wrong read the USA today, they made the statement.

Todd Morgan

Dane you are an IDIOT. Just posting vicious lies and and anti-mormon rhetoric.

Any Mormon could defend or dismiss many of these comments.

This is just bigoted remarks from rehashed anti-mormon hatred.

Mormonism is a great religion and many people who have looked at it have agreed it is a great religion with great people


Gov Romney has all the quailities of a great leader, newt is a good debater but not fit for to lead America. I will vote Obama than newt. But I will vote mitt over another. My call for People of america-give Romney the chance, you will not regret at the end! It is proven by his honesty, character, loyalty to his wife, and success in business and leadership in his businesses.


@Dane and @Gonzalo: what's the relevency? NONE! Keep your religious bigotry out of comments on political articles! It has no place.


In his speech to the National Federation of Republican Women, Gingrich advocated making English the official language, a position he still holds, and added: "We should replace bilingual education with immersion in English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto."

He did not explicitly call Spanish a ghetto language. But at the time, the remark was widely taken to mean Spanish, overwhelmingly the main foreign language spoken in the United States and the primary language of many immigrants.

Gingrich recognized as much when, in response to a Hispanic backlash against his remark, he made an online video days after the speech in which he more or less apologized for his choice of words and for producing "a bad feeling within the Latino community."


Gov. Mitt Romney is one of the most qualified presidential candidates America has ever seen. He's a man of integrity, leadership and high moral values. He has my vote.

D Lundgreen

I worked as a Tax Examiner for the Internal Revunue Service for 15 years. Romney paid 35 to 45% percent on his income in Federal taxes, when it was first made Now 15%. And also 10-20% or more in State taxes. Maybe 90k so far in his life. Beleive me the rich are paying alot in taxes. Think of the jobs that he has created and they are paying taxes. We cannot run the weathy out of our Country. We will all be poorer if we do. But that said. I like you are not happy at Obama's Wallstreet give-aways. And the ceo's that dont perform and get huge bonus. They deserve our anger. On the other hand most Ceo earn there money. But the ones that dont should be in jail. Religion really Richard Nixion was a Quaker. Does it really matter. The guy prays to god and says that he will need the prayers of all people if he is elected. He already has the Former Pesident Bush line to the Vatican. (COOL).... By the Way President Johnson called the Mormon church president on a regular basis. Regan went to see how the Church of Jesus Christ ran there Welfare program. The L.D.S Church helps people all over the world when disasters strike. They are there sometimes before the red cross. The people here in Florida already know this. Hatred breeds Hatred.


uh oh... DANE! Did you stop taking your meds again! Shame on you! Love, mom.

Brad Tripp

Personally, I don't understand why anyone calling themselves conservatives would vote for Barack Romney.

Romney talks like a good conservative, but when you look at what he did as governor of Massachusetts, you'll see he's just as liberal as Ted Kennedy was.

Romney's actions as governor:

RomneyCare = ObamaCare
The Massachusetts Gun Ban
Excessive Massachusetts fee/tax increases

We need someone we can trust. May I suggest Dr Ron Paul?


Dane, you're an absolute nut case with your bigotry. Grow up and get a life.


...lets c is this thing working


...ok POSTERIA;;;what about JESUS..going nuts outside a synagogue taking a wipe to the money exchangers,,beatin their buts and turning over tables etc...ahh,,pretty violent would not you say...and to you r glorious mitt...you are aware that he had 3 personal bankruptcy,,destroying those around him ...this is an old trick by billionaires to steal money from those they deal with ,,,after his third try he managed to get enough $$ to start his corporate raiding machine BAIN CAPITAL that went around bankrupting corporations and stealing their pensions..and since you can not bankrupt governments ..well all his vultureness can not be apply to the governing model..and this brings us back to his bail out of his stocks and his corporation bain capital..except this time he stole 12.8 tril $ from the taxpayers and now wants even more $ by abolishing all of the capital gains tax to 0 %,,,the guy doesn't even wanna help to pay back the money he took from taxpayers that keep him wealthy and thus w/that wealth the ability to be our prez !!!YES YES YES ...IF IF IF !!HERE,S BACK AT U !!

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