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Adam Hasner loses his mouthpiece..... to New Jersey GOP

Doug Mayer, described here in July as US Senate candidate Adam Hasner's new mouthpiece, has left Florida for the verdant splendor of the Garden State, where he's the new spokesman for the New Jersey Republican Party, according to Politicker NJ.

Mayer's departure isn't a big shock for Hasner. There's relatively little attention being paid to the Republican Senate race amid the jockeying for Florida's Jan. 31 GOP presidential primary. There's just not much for a spokesman to say. Also, Hasner is struggling in the bottom of the polls right now, which can affect fundraising, which makes it tougher to pay a spokesman who has not much to say.

The voluble Rick Wilson and Alberto Martinez are still with Hasner. And we recently got a press release from someone named Hannah Tarrian, so Hasner might still be overstaffed.

Hasner still has time. The primary is  Aug. 14. That's a few lifetimes in politics. Still, US Rep. Connie Mack is dominating in the primary and former Sen. George LeMieux looks like a distant number 2 in most polls. Hasner is often vying in the single digits with Mike McCalister and Craig Miller.


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Conservative FL R

Marc you of all reporters know better. The Florida voters overwhelmingly picked Adam Hasner at the P5 Senate Straw poll in late September out of thousands of Republican activists. Mayer has a shot at working with Gov. Chris Crisitie now. Do you really believe Connie Mack IV would have beat Hasner at P5? Absolutely not. That is why Mack's team waited until the month after P5 to "announce" his candidacy. These polls are all about name ID now, just as Crist's was over Marco Rubio early on. Hasner also just won the Pasco County REC Straw Poll on December 14th, and he beat Connie Mack by 26 points. Those are voters paying attention. Hasner also beat George LeMieux there by 46 points, fun facts the state media love to omit.

Connie Mack's fundraising was pathetic this quarter for one with THE "Big lead" & as a 4-term U.S. Congressman. An interesting question would be, did Mack's 1st quarter 500K "haul" include the 350K already in hand?

Primary voters are not falling for the continued spin for Connie Mack and they wil pick the nominee and it won't be Mack IV, he is a RINO..... He's wrong on illegal immigration, wrong on supporting destruction of human life in embryonic stem cell research with taxpayer's money, and wrong in supporting that liberal do-nothing spineless amoeba Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio for the Senate seat in 2010. That sums up who Connie Mack IV is: an unmoored political opportunist. And Connie Mack IV has done nothing, zip, zero nada, to address or roll back the unsustainable debt in the last 4 years in D.C.

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