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Adam Putnam: Newt Gingrich's "erratic temperament" wouldn't work in the White House

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam praised Mitt Romney's business acumen and bashed Newt Gingrich's fiery temper in comments to reporters Monday.

"You know, I worked with Speaker Gingrich when I was in Washington. And I feel that his troubled past, his record, his erratic temperament, is ill-suited for the presidency," Putnam, a longtime Romney supporter and former congressman. "He was a great Speaker, he was a revolutionary leader. But you want a real practical, conservative temperament in the White House, and I have concerns about Newt's temper."

Sounds like Romney's December assessment of Gingrich as "zany."

Putnam said he planned to attend tonight's 9 p.m. debate, sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times, NBC, National Journal and the Florida Council of 100 at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

With all of the attention on Florida, Putnam praised legislators for moving up Florida's primary date to Jan. 31 (despite penalties, including a loss of half of its 100 delegates).

"I think that affirms the Legislature's decision to move Florida's primary schedule up because all of these candidates are in Florida. They are  talking to Floridians in ways that they would not have done (if they had waited until Super Tuesday). So this is good for Florida."



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Hungary Mounster

Putnum doesn't know what he's talking about. And for that matter neither does Gov of NJ. So all I have to say is

Go NEWT GO. I hope you defeat all those critics who say you are a cheater or a racist. You are God faring and you have confused your faults with your mouth. I too believe in redemption and I will not cast the first stone, because I too am a sinner. I too have problems and I am not perfect. The American people don't need a president that is not going to possibly cheat on his wife. we don't care about that stuff right now, nor do we want vulture capitalist who isn't going to help struggling people. We need an experienced individual that has created jobs in the past. Newt is only one that can debate and defeat Obama. And the media knows it that's why they are trying to drive this foodstamp comment thing, check out this article that kills the argument to why Newt is a racist



I am greatly amused. I recall in 1980 when a whole bunch of establishment Republicans were trying to scare the voters about Ronald Reagan and his temperment and his instability.

If you go back and look at it, you'll see that the same silly attacks were made against Reagan by the likes of Daddy Bush while running against Reagan.

Note to Mittheads:
The more you use that line of attack on Gingrich, the more you'll remind older Republican voters that he (not Mitt) is like Reagan. (Hint: There are lots of older voters in Florida.)

George Fuller

I consider Putnam as anti American. He sponsored an amnesty bill for 2.5 million illegal aliens while he was in congress....

Putnam left Congress and got involved in FL politics looking to be gov some day....when he runs I'll work to keep him out......

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