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After chat with Marco Rubio, Newt Gingrich buckles, says yes to Univisión forum

Scrapping for every vote, Newt Gingrich reversed himself Sunday and announced he would attend a Univisión-moderated forum with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Gingrich joined fellow Republican candidates this fall in a boycott of a proposed Univisión debate over the way the network reported a story about Sen. Marco Rubio's brother-in-law.

This week, his campaign repeatedly denied he would attend Univisión's second choice: the Wednesday forum.

But Gingrich's Florida campaign manager, José Mallea, who chaired Rubio's 2010 Senate campaign, then reached out to Rubio. UPDATE** On Sunday, Gingrich's camp then issues a statement saying Rubio "encouraged the Speaker to participate in the event....."


Rubio's folks say that's not quite what he said. Indeed, it differs from what Rubio had told us, which is that he's essentially neutral. He's not going to encourage anyone to go on Univision. He's not going to discourage them. He's going to encourage candidates to reach out to the Hispanic community as they see fit. So Mallea sent out a slightly revised statement:

The Gingrich campaign reached out to Senator Marco Rubio who encouraged the Speaker to participate in any event that's in his best interest and said that he would advise us and any candidate in this election to pro-actively communicate with Hispanic voters through any and all outlets at their disposal.



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Russell Dee

Mr. Gingrich is trying to bully the press into not asking questions about his marital infidelities and the press should not allow itself to be bullied by Mr. Gingrich. These issues of marital infidelity are important for a number of reasons, most notably that elections are about votes and republican candidates in particular get millions of "value votes" based on their presumed proper family values. This means that by merely being a republican political candidates you get some kind of automatic acceptance and votes from millions of family values voters and so you should have to earn them by actually having proper family values, and the voters who vote for candidates at least in part on the basis of proper family values should be informed if one of the candidates promoting himself/herself as having proper family values truly does have proper family valies. In short, if a political candidate can possibly get votes on the basis of a specific issue then that makes that specific issue a newsworthy issue. Remember, it's all about the vote. And some people vote on the basis of family values. So some candidates promote themselves to have proper family values but they don't really. An uninformed segment of the electorate that votes on the basis of family values will vote on the basis of assumption or presumption that a candidate has the right family values just because he/she is in the right party, unless the news has the courage to treat the issue as newsworthy. In other words, Newt Gingrich's marital infidelities are important news stories because his marital infidelities matters to many voters and because many voters vote on the basis of things like this.


gingrich says spanish is ghetto Rubio and Romney are good friends, wont surprise me if Rubio endorses Romney. I could never support Newt, he was kicked out of congress for being unethical and he has mental problems. and not aying child support makes me loose all respect, is this the best the GOP can do is pick a man who cheats on his wives, leaves them when they are sick, has a mistress for 6 years, Gingrich reminds me of a used up car sales man type

Vicente Fox

Caputo should be ashamed of himself. Just read his past blog post about this topic. He and David Rivera are out to get Univision. These two stories should have never been posted in the first place.

John Knolls

If Romney wants to compete on the big stage, he better fall suit with Gingrich and take a good, hard look at that invite from Univision and RSVP fast. Ken Auletta's New Yorker piece cleared up any misreporting the Miami Herald gleaned from the Rubio/Univision situation.

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