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Barack Obama reports $68m cash haul

From the Obama campaign:

Hey everyone, it’s Jim Messina.  I wanted to give you a quick update on our fundraising this quarter.  The good news is, thanks to thousands of people across this country, we had a pretty good quarter, but we got a challenge that I want to talk to you about.

 Here’s the news: this quarter we raised over $68 million, and that’s a pretty good start.  And the number I care the most about, how many people are joining this campaign, over 1.3 million Americans have given this campaign money.

 Even more important, this quarter we had 583,000 people donate to the campaign.  Over 200,000 people gave for the very first time.  They didn’t even give in 2008 or 2011.  They joined this quarter.   That’s a really big number. 

 Over 98% of our donations are $250 or less, showing our grassroots support across the country.  This enthusiasm is in stark contrast to what we’ve seen on the other side, where recent polls and studies show a dropping enthusiasm among Republican primary voters as they get to know their field. 

 We’ve seen just the opposite from you.  We’ve seen real volunteer enthusiasm as we build really strong neighborhood teams for the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. 

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