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Bondi's office gets $52,000 security facelift

Add Attorney General Pam Bondi to the list of Cabinet officials whose offices have been been turned into temporary hard-hat zones. The state is slated to spend $51,919 to renovate the lobby of her Capitol suite, including the installation of a secure doorway the separates the front area from interior offices.

PhotoA Department of Management Services spokeswoman said Bondi's office was the only plaza-level suite that didn't have such security features. The construction project was scheduled to last for two weeks and appears to be wrapping up.

You may recall that the state has already paid $80,000 for renovation of Gov. Rick Scott's offices, including painting walls, replacing carpet and expanding the chief of staff's office. Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putman's office received $108,604 in renovations in 2011, including $85,973 in new carpet. Offices for the Republican-controlled Legislature also received $200,000 in new carpet.


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Aren't these the Republicans who are always crying about waste in government?
It's only waste when the Democrats are doing the spending.
REPUBLICANS=Hypocrisy-Lying-Philandering-Stealing-Fake Family Values-Etc,Etc.

Sad, sad, sad

Nice. This woman constantly proves that she has no shame.

And, here is what you need to know about the "independent" investigation of her:


Notice the Pam Bondi campaign sticker on his chest!

dan allen

I am involved with this facelift as an independant contractor. I have also been involved in many in the past. I feel a security door should not be an issue. This is one of the lesser exspensive, and actually a functional, if not needed one. AG Bondi should be commended, many past "facelifts" from the other side of the isle were not, the pricetags substantial, occupant did not care for prior occupants taste.

David Kearns

Tyrants are frequently most terrified of one thing; the public. You can tell a tyrant by how much money they spend on heightened "security". Often, the more egregious the corruption, the more the tyrant will concentrate on accouterments within their cloistered hovels. Their insulation is only matched by their insolence toward the outward masses they rule over. From Hitler to Louis XVI, history gives us any number of examples. The bunker nesting impulse is irresistible to them.

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