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Braman makes appeal to legislators to reject casino bill

Surrounded by all three Cabinet members, a senator and legislators, Miami auto magnate Norman Braman joined a chorus of business groups Tuesday at a press conference to urge legislators to reject the destination resort casino bill and promised to help finance a statewide television campaign to oppose it.

"Casino gambling is not compatible with a quality of life of a community – whether it’s a community like Miami or the state of Florida and the evidence can be seen through the United States,'' he said. "Let these people take their wares and take it somewhere else. We don’t need a malignant situation in our state.”

Braman compared the quality of life in communities that have allowed casinos and said they are not the model Miami and Florida should follow. He said he has contributed to No Casinos but wouldn’t disclose how much. “But as you know, I’ve never been embarrassed to write a check so I’m prepared, as always, to put my money where my mouth is.”

Braman said he met with Las Vegas Sands owner Sheldon Adelson and Genting lobbyist, former U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz Balart, brought the Genting officials to meet him. They told him that with a resort casino so close, Braman could sell more cars.

“It’s not about cars,'' Braman said indignantly. "I live here. My kids are here. My grandkids are here in this community. This is quality of life to me here. It’s not selling automobiles. You people are takers. You don’t give anything to a community. All you do is take.”

He held the Saturday edition of the Miami Herald and pointed to the headline on the decline in federal unemployment numbers which reads: “Jobs crisis turns corner."

"We don’t need this,'' Braman said. "It’s fools gold. Quick fixes never work.”

Also speaking in opposition to the bill were Attorney General Pam Bondi, Chief Financial Officer Atwater, Agriculture Commissioner Pam Bondi, former House speaker and now chamber lobbyist Larry Cretul, Sens. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, and Anitere Flores, R-Miami, Reps. Stephen Precourt, R-Orlando, and Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples.

Braman dismissed the new poll out of Quinnipiac University. “Honestly, they just don’t understand,'' he said. "I’ve noticed a change, a great change.” 



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True North

When Norm Braman says "It's not about cars" Its about cars

Norma Braman is mega-maniacle, senile old billionaire with a grudge. He buys politicians like we buy groceries -- turn this city over to him at your own peril.

Take the Metrorail

All bow at the feet of the king of Miami Norman Braman.
Of course its ok for him to open mega car lots in the heart of Miami that break all reasonable zoning laws and livability standards.

Wendy frish

Norman Bramante is a snake. He can't be trusted. He is the frontman for the no casino effort. He is just pushing his own agenda. Mlike always. He's the ultimate puppet master. Go away Bramante. Miami does not want you here.

Doug smeller

My car usually needs more repairs after I bring it out of a Bramante BMW dealership. Imswear they break the cars on purpose so they can fix them at their excessive rate. I don't trust Bramante At All.

Linda Pitsberger

Why is Norman Braman surrounding himself with these representatives? The politicking shouldmstay in the chambers and the committee meetings. Mr. Braman is trying to pervert the system with his media resources.

Steve lindermyer

Ha. That's funny. I get it. Bramante.

Jon diller

Shut up an go away Braman. I hope Occupy Miami protests Billionaire Bramans job killing actions. He is the 1 percent. He doesn't need a job butnthe rest of Miami does. Braman is firing Miami workers. He IS the problem.

Susan Spector

Braman is quoted as saying: "Casino gambling is not compatible with a quality of life of a community – whether it’s a community like Miami or the state of Florida" SO WHERE WAS NORMAN BRAMAN WHEN GAMBLING WAS LEGALIZED IN FLORIDA? The bill is not about casinos or gambling. It's about regulating them and leveling the playing field so the city, state and county can get their proper share of tax revenue. It's not about greedy millionaires protecting their self interests.

Maria Gomez

We need the jobs. Braman doesn't need a job. What is his claim to fame, getting rich with his car lot or bumping an incompetent mayor for a corrupt one? Stop trying to mess up the best thing that could happen to Miami. I guess you think the Herald Building is worthy of saving as an historic site, too!

Chris Carlson

It is sad to see one of Miami's most successful businessmen stoop to such shameless behavior. He must have turned senile because he's taken the losing side here and that is uncharacteristic of him. The revitalized midtown resort complex will be standing long after the Braman car dealership has crumbled.


Braman talks through his 'arse.' He's a political bully and only interested in getting what he wants to benefit him and his business. If he cared truly about Floridians, he would never have invested with John Paulson in his sub-prime mortgage scheme. Braman is a crook; he adds nothing to this community - and he has the audacity to talk about 'fools gold' - he's the fool. Genting's plan intends to clean up the mess downtown and improve the infrastructure as a whole. How can this be a bad idea - it's not, and it's desperately needed. If Braman wants to put his money where his mouth is, then he should do something to create jobs and improve Miami's infrastructure - same goes for Micky Arison and his baseless comments.


All of the previous comments are criticizing the messenger. I don't know the man or of the man. But, I DO know that his message is the truth. All that casinos do is take from a community. The social costs are three times the taxes generated. The jobs are low-paying and simply displace jobs in the local consumer economy. If a casino comes to Miami, Miami will be host to many losers and one big winner--the casino.

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