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Chamber launches new anti-gambling ad, mocking pro-casino's Ben Stein

 Pivoting off the pro-casino ad featuring actor and businessman Ben Stein, the Florida Chamber-backed Coalition to Stop the Bad Bet for Florida unveiled a new television ad today casting doubts on the industry push.

In the ad, a kid in a Ben Stein ad suggests that crime increased and businesses closed when casinos came to Atlantic City.

"So don’t tell me you’re doing this for us, or for Florida,'' another kid says. "You’re doing this for the out-of-state casino operators. And it doesn’t take a kid to figure that out."

The Coalition, led by the Florida Chamber of Commerce with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association and the Florida Retail Federation.



The “It Doesn’t Take a Kid, Duh!” ad informs viewers about how out-of-state casino operators are pushing the state’s gambling legislation and how the introduction of mega-casinos to Atlantic City spelled economic disaster for the area’s restaurants and retailers.
The following is the text of the Bad Bet for Florida “It Doesn’t Take a Kid, Duh!” television ad: (Kid in Ben Stein mask) Destination resorts. Limits on gaming. Tallahassee, what are you waiting for?(Takes mask off) Are you kidding me?When they did this in Atlantic City, restaurants closed, stores closed, and crime was everywhere.So don’t tell me you’re doing this for us, or for Florida.You’re doing this for the out-of-state casino operators.And it doesn’t take a kid to figure that out.Duh!Get involved.Message sponsored by your Florida Chamber of Commerce.

The new television ad comes as a new two-page Bad Bet for Florida ad in Florida Trend (see attached) begins hitting mailboxes and newsstands across the state. The Florida Trend ad informs the magazine’s readers about:
·       The problems with the Florida mega-casino proposal;·       How the legislation is a distraction from other important issues that Florida lawmakers must address; and·       How Nevada is a national leader in unemployment and other dubious areas. “Destination casino gambling is a distraction that could take our state’s focus off the mission to create a better economic climate,” said Allan Bense, chair of the Florida Chamber Task Force Against Gambling Expansion and former Florida House Speaker. “Florida should encourage businesses to continue diversifying our state’s economy and growing private-sector jobs to create long-term, high-paying jobs Floridians need.”


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What is wrong with the chamber?

Why is everything the Chamber does so negative? Why can't they push their agenda without attacking people?

Katie Smith

This is absurd. Using kids in any type of casino gaming ads is ridiculous. If Genting has used a kid to promote their resort as a family type of establishment, we would be outraged. But this is ok?

timofte laurentiu

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Ummm, only problem is the casinos are already here so the argument that bringing casinos is bad is a moot point. Now it's about jobs and the FRLA should give up their protectionist stance.

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