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Connie Mack's campaign/year in review

From the Connie Mack campaign:

To:  Key Connie Mack Supporters
From:  Jeff Cohen, Campaign Manager
Re:  Great Momentum for Connie's Senate Campaign
Date:  January 5, 2012

Since Connie officially declared his candidacy for the United States Senate on November 28th on Sean Hannity’s national TV show, our campaign has started with a good measure of success and initial momentum that I wanted to recap for you as we enter 2012.

1) Polling

Every public poll that has been released has Connie with a significant lead in the Republican Primary. The latest poll, by TelOpinion Research shows him with a massive lead. Moreover, that poll and others show other candidates continuing to collapse. In fact one of our opponents is now stuck at between one and two percent despite having been on the stump around the state for well over a year.
Publicly released general election poll results are also very encouraging. One poll shows Connie ahead of Senator Bill Nelson. When looking at data compiled by Real Clear Politics (RCP), Senator Nelson is only ahead of Connie by a few percentage points - a very dangerous place for a two-term Senate incumbent. Meanwhile the RCP average of Senator Nelson vs. every other candidate shows his lead against them in double digits.

In short the polling data strongly suggests that Connie is the most well positioned candidate to win the Republican nomination and to beat liberal Senator Bill Nelson in November.


2) Growing Public Support
Since announcing his candidacy, Connie has begun to pick up the support of respected leaders around the state.

While we plan to continue to rollout the names of supporters in the weeks and months ahead, some of notable current elected officials who have already publicly stated their support for him include:
- Congressman Vern Buchanan
- Congressman Jeff Miller
- Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
- Senate President Mike Haridopolos
- Senator, and former Speaker of the House, John Thrasher


3) Fundraising
With Connie’s very late entry into the Senate race and the challenges of the holiday season, we planned our fundraising goals conservatively for the fourth quarter, with a stretch goal of raising $500,000.

While the campaign will be tallying our fundraising results for the next several days, I am pleased to report that it appears we will achieve, if not exceed, that goal.

We will update you on the final results after they have been confirmed.


4) Conclusion
As we embark on 2012, Connie starts the year with tremendous momentum. Your support has been a vital part of our success so far. But there is much work to do -- a lot of places to go; a lot of people yet to meet; and a lot more money that must be raised to beat Bill Nelson.

Once the Presidential Primary election in Florida is over on January 31st, our campaign will begin in earnest.