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Daily Digest for Thursday, 1/26

Daily Digest for 1/26 [Listen or Download]

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With an eye toward Thursday night's presidential debate, here's what we're watching on Day 17 of the legislative session.

Five Stories To Think About Today

 * Santorum: Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is scheduled to attend the Florida Leadership Prayer Breakfast, where Senate President Mike Haridopolos and House Speaker Dean Cannon are expected.

* Senators are slated to take up a bill limiting use of phones and texting while driving.

* A Senate panel also looks at a bill to reduce hurricane assessments on homeowners' policies.

* Students and higher education advocates will "Rally in Tally" on tuition and other issues.

* Rep. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, has a news conference to demonstrate self-driving cars and promote his bill allowing their testing.


Three Issues You Missed Yesterday

* Animal rights activists who take secret pictures or videos to expose cruelty on farms will still legally be able to do so after lawmakers slashed “Ag-Gag” proposals in the House and Senate this week.

* In Miami, Mitt Romney slams Newt Gingrich on Spanish-language radio: 'I don't think Reagan would have agreed with Gingrich'

* With state House members hoping to move up to the state Senate and Senate Republicans hoping to retain a solid majority, there are many conflicting agendas emerging behind the Senate redistricting map.


Who To Watch Today/Quotable Quotes

 * "Since you're presenting--you're presenting here, what if I started asking you questions about your sex life? About-" -Rep. Mack Bernard

"OK, I think, I think we're gonna go to Rep. Soto. Rep. Soto, you're recognized." -Chairman Eric Eisnaugle

"That's a real life line, chairman, that's a real life line right there. Chairman, I've been married 18 years and I'm asking, 'What sex life?'" -Mark Delegal

--An awkwardly funny exchange Wednesday during public debate at the House Civil Justice Subcommittee's hearing on PIP reform legislation.


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