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Dems push gun ban in child care centers, public buildings

Two Palm Beach Democrats are pushing bills they say will fix a glitch in state law that allows concealed guns in child care centers and public buildings.

The bills, SB 1340/HB1087, filed by Sen. Maria Sachs of Boca Raton, and Rep. Lori Berman, of Delray Beach, would close what they see as a gap in a new law that bans local gun ordinances.

Courthouses and universities made the state’s list of places where guns are banned, but “it became obvious soon after the law went into effect that there were some holes,” Berman said

”I support the right to bear arms, but I stand here because I’m deeply concerned,” Berman said at a press conference Wednesday. “I don’t think anyone can give any reason why guns should be allowed in daycare centers.”

Sachs, a former prosecutor, said she knows all too well the harm guns can cause.

"I don't think anyone in the state can give me any explanation or justification for carrying a firearm in a child care center or offices where citizens are serving their cities, counties and states," she said.

In December, Palm Beach County sued the state over the recent law that threatens fines and suspensions for lawmakers who impose gun ordinances.
The suit asks the court to decide if the law is constitutional.