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Dispatch from the Hispanic-vote war in the Republican presidential race

After bashing each other in the final debate before the crucial Florida primary, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich traveled south to Miami on Friday to woo Hispanic power brokers.

But before either candidate could utter a word, they were upstaged.

Sen. Marco Rubio gave sweeping remarks on immigration — the kind of personal, stirring speech Gingrich and Romney could only wish they had delivered.

Neither Gingrich, his Florida momentum stalled after his commanding South Carolina victory last week, nor Romney, riding a wave after his strong performance in a Jacksonville debate Thursday, could match the reception Rubio received in the Doral Golf Resort & Spa at a conference of the Hispanic Leadership Network, former Gov. Jeb Bush’s organization.

Of the two GOP primary frontrunners, the crowd of several hundred — almost all of them Hispanic — clearly preferred Romney, the former Massachusetts governor. He was introduced by his wife, Ann, and the youngest of his five sons, Craig, who lived in Chile and speaks some Spanish.

Loose, confident and not wearing a tie, Romney received enthusiastic applause and whistles when he declared, “We are not anti-immigrant.”

“We are not anti-immigration,” he added, a reference to a controversial attack ad Gingrich aired against him earlier this week before the campaign pulled it following scathing criticism from Rubio and other prominent Florida Hispanics.

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His time is over...

Forget that Doug Darling was trying to be more transparent. Really now ---- how to you suddenly have to be asked to resign from several jobs in a row? This is the same guy who almost defrauded the state of tens of millions of dollars!!!!!!!!!!


Tony B

Mitt Romney is starting a pro communism campaign. He is no different from Obama. Three years ago he was bragging about being liberal. MITT ROMNEY IS A MARXIST! He also stole billions from medicare fraud and hides everything in swiss bank accounts. MITT ROMNEY IS A LIAR AND A THEIF!!!

Robert Jenkins

Recored phone calls to the Governor's office released.
1. Hello Rick this is Mitt; Please endorse "newt" as a personal favor to me.
2. Hello Rick, This is "Newt"; as a personal favor to me, Please endorse "Mitt". 3. Hello Governor Scott, this is Rick; I'm begging you please endorse "ME"!!!
4. Hello Governor, ah, ah, oh yeah Scott; this is Ron. Is Scott your first name or your last name? Uh, wait a minute, I forget why I called; but I'm sure it was important. Oh yeah, will you run for Governor of the territory of Moon U.S.A.; cause if you do; you have my endorsement. Thank you. Oh by the way, will T.S.A. do the pre-boarding searches? My Son... Ah, he had a little problem a bit ago; Will you as Governor of the territory Moon, U.S.A. write a letter for him.


There is only one candidate that is for everyone
Ron Paul. He makes the most sense on all issues.
The others are just a soap opera.

west coast guy

The others may be soap opera, but Mr. Paul is comic opera.

Lynn Otting

Independents will not vote for someone who made millions at the expense of bankrupting and closing small town manufacturing companies. It may not be an issue to Republicans in Florida, but electability should be the number one issue. These polls can not possibly reflect the views of Americans who are frustrated with not having a job and the ones who are angry with having no extra money if they do. Romney is exactly who O'bama wants to run against. He is the perfect candidate for his tax the elite one percent campaign. Hispanics will vote for President O'bama because he will be able to expose the Romney who will say and do anything for a vote even if he doesn't really believe in it. Perhaps the RNC should worry about losing some of those dedicated bible belt southern states that will go blue in November. As sad or mean as it may seem, half of the evangelical conservatives will not vote or vote for O'bama, the lesser of the two evils.

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