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Don't like a law? Citizens veto proposed

State Sen. Paula Dockery and Rep. Richard Steinberg want to give the public a way to undo laws they dislike: a citizen's veto.

The lawmakers have filed bills (HJR 1231/SJR 1490) asking voters statewide to amend the state constitution to give them the power to repeal acts of the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Of course, super majorities of the same Republican-controlled Legislature, and then voters, would have to say yes. The bill is modeled after other states, and would not apply to spending for salaries and other expenses. From the lawmakers' news release:

“Like many states, Florida should afford its citizens the opportunity to reject legislation that they deem detrimental to the State,” said Steinberg, D-Miami Beach.  “In a democracy, it is the citizens who should have the final word on whether to accept or reject a law.”
“Constituents reach out to me on a daily basis expressing frustration with the maze that is the legislative process,” said Dockery, a Lakeland Republican.  “In this political climate, the bulk of the power is held by wealthy special interests.  This joint resolution would place that power where it rightly belongs: into the hands of the citizens.”