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DREAM Act supporters to Romney: Do you know the facts on immigration?

Music to a Republican's ear during a contested presidential primary? Criticism from supporters of the DREAM Act, who sent out the following press release in opposition to Mitt Romney's promise to veto the bill if he ever became president and if it ever reached his desk:

Open Letter to Governor Mitt Romney from DREAMers

Governor Mitt Romney,

You recently stated that if elected president of the United States, you would veto the federal DREAM Act and would not support any legislation that grants in-state tuition for undocumented students.

At this point, we are wondering whether you know the facts about the DREAM Act as your statement appears highly inconsistent considering your political record. Your political history indicates that you once supported several immigration reforms, some of which included the DREAM Act.

*      In 2005, you supported an immigration reform plan that Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), and Sen. John Cornyn, (R-TX) proposed and called it a "reasonable proposal". During an interview with the Boston Globe in November 2005<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAUS2JJib88>, you showed your support and said it was not amnesty. The Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005 (S. 1438), which failed to pass in Congress, would have required undocumented immigrants to pay a fee and would be allowed to apply for citizenship.


*      In 2007, you also supported the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform that provided a pathway to citizenship for those who entered the country illegally. During an interview with Meet the Press<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eey2nX2aMc>, you showed your support for the bill saying, "My own view is...those people who come here illegally and are in this country, the 12 million or so that are here illegally, should be able to sign up for permanent residency or citizenship."

*      Two months later, in 2008, while running for president for the first time, you changed your stance on illegal immigration and campaigned against it<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1FMxzNwPXQ>.

*      Now, in your second attempt to run for president, you are again opposing creating a path to legalization for the undocumented immigrant population. During a Republican presidential debate in November you stated<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eey2nX2aMc>, "To say that we're going to say to the people who have come here illegally that now you're going to get to stay or some large number are going to get to stay and become permanent residents of the United States, that will only encourage more people to do the same thing. People respond to incentives and if you can become a permanent resident of the United States by coming here illegally, you'll do so."

Vitriolic, anti-immigrant rhetoric has been the platform for some of the current presidential Republican candidates. However, we want you to set the record straight on the DREAM Act. You have to recognize the positive impact this legislation would have on the U.S. and the lives of the 2.1 million undocumented young immigrants who would benefit from it.

A 2010 study by the UCLA North American Integration and Development Center estimates that the total earnings of DREAM Act beneficiaries over the course of their working lives would be between $1.4 trillion and $3.6 trillion. This translates into greater tax revenue and scores of new jobs. If you are serious about fixing the economy, the DREAM Act is the solution, not the problem.

On Saturday, you said you support creating a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants who serve in the military. In fact, this is included in the DREAM Act. You also said that if elected president, you would veto the federal DREAM Act and that you don't support giving benefits to young immigrants, such as in-state tuition. Once again, the current DREAM Act does not give undocumented youth in-state tuition or preferences over U.S. citizens. Instead, it would allow each state to decide whether or not to grant undocumented students in-state tuition and would only allow them to apply for student loans and federal work-study programs.

Moreover, your recent stance on opposing a pathway to citizenship is contrary to the wishes of the American people. A recent Fox News national poll<http://www.foxnews.com/interactive/us/2011/12/09/fox-news-poll-immigration/> showed that 66 percent of Americans think there should be a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but only if individuals meet requirements such as paying back taxes and learning English. Indeed, your current stance will not give you the support from our immigrant community and Latino voters, who will be a determining factor in the 2012 presidential race. According to a Pew Hispanic Center poll<http://www.pewhispanic.org/files/2011/12/2011-NSL-Topline-Immigration-and-Politics.pdf> released in December, 88 percent of Latino registered voters nationwide support the DREAM Act.

Over the past 10 years, since the DREAM Act was first introduced, Republicans and Democrats have used us to score cheap political points, and we will no longer stand for that.

Even though we are still not allowed to drive, work, and use our college degrees, we have not given up. We will continue to mobilize our communities until we're given the opportunity to give back to this country we love and call home.


DRM Capitol Group
Maryland DREAM Team
El Cambio in North Carolina
Arizona DREAMers
New Mexico DREAMers in Action
Connecticut Students for a DREAM
New York DREAMers
DREAM Team Los Angeles
Gaby Pacheco, Trail of Dreams
DREAM Big Vegas


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Cecilia--- The issue is not that the children of ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONALS are "bad" people, as you misstate; rather, most of them are good people who are not entitled, by virtue of their goodness, to preferential treatment incident to their parents' lawbreaking. Granting rewards for lawbreaking does not reprepresent "common sense". There are many good people in the world who must wait their turns to come to the U.S. These people pay a high price, wait their turn, and go through a rigorous background check. You believe that it's unfair that someone who violates our laws is not given equivalent status and taxpayer subsidies to the same extent as an American citizen or a LEGAL immigrant?!?!?? Your point of view is confounding and insulting!

It's unfortunate that you don't agree with the legitimacy of U.S. immigration laws (laws that are MORE GENEROUS THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD), but we have those laws for a reason. Granting rewards to those who elect to circumvent U.S. law is a notion that is intolerable. Granting rewards to those who are here in violation of the law reduces resources available to those who comply with it. This is a fact--- unless you believe that China is giving us grants (rather than loans) to subsidize social services--- including, among them the catastrophic costs of ILLEGAL immigration. So, why do you think it's fair to reduce the financial resources for American citizens and LEGAL immigrants. When you advocate for rewards for lawbreakers, you are seeking to harm the law-abiders.

KennyG--- No--- We don't deport American citizens who are a drain on the system. The fact that we have Americans who are in need of our very limited social services (including healthcare) is yet another reason that we cannot permit ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONALS to drain our limited taxpayer resources. Their own countries must be responsible for them.


My grandparents came over generations ago and did it the legal way. Why should illegal immigrants today be able to play by thier own rules? The minors may be innocent, but the parents are not. I am not against them having an avenue to become legal, but not at the cost of our tax payer dollars and loss of education opportunities for paying, legal citizens.

jeff 2

just keep dreaming while your mexican and other foriegn brothers and sisters are over there trying to deal with life as they must. You illegals and sympathisers are always taking the least and easiest path of resistance and not for your righteous cause it is for your selfish unrepentant ways of lawless and fascist disregard for what is right and proper. Wanna Dream Act, then get together and straighten up your own land instead of causeing a stink and unrest here.


Dream act is an excellent plan to help the.future of this country, we are what America desperately needs. "A 2010 study by the UCLA North American Integration and Development Center estimates that the total earnings of DREAM Act beneficiaries over the course of their working lives would be between $1.4 trillion and $3.6 trillion. This translates into greater tax revenue and scores of new jobs. If you are serious about fixing the economy, the DREAM Act is the solution, not the problem."


At the end of the day, DREAMers (aka illegal alien crybabies only have their parents and their native governments to blame for their misfortunes. They should be ashamed to fight for their so called rights while conveniently forgetting to meet their responsibilities. Our immigration system isn't outdated or broken, just the will of our government to enforce our laws. Any laws on immigration should not be to benefit the illegal aliens but rather the citizens and legal residents of a country. The DREAM Act does nothing positive for Americans, allows foreign dictators to continue to create harmful conditions that push them here and, definitely won't do anything to halt illegal immigration. Since 1986, there have been seven amnesty/legalization programs for illegal aliens and although approximately 12 million illegals benefited from those programs, today we still have 12-18 million other illegals here. Perhaps the 8th amnesty will be the charm? NOT!!! Immigration policy is economic policy. Let's enforce our laws or we will become the same type of lawless countries that all these illegals have fled themselves.


You know what's really sad ?
How I'm 15 and I'm probablly not as ignorant as you, like really cry babys?
Do u seriously have an idea how fast this country (U.S) will go down hill if ALL illegals leave to their own countries? Pretty fast right?
And I'm not just talking about mexican illegals im Saying ALL illegals!
I honestly think the dream act is the best solution for this country as it will bring the econmy up and it will help out many peaople who have been in the U.S for more than half of their lives.
Its a win win situation.



I'm wondering when did you come here and what year you got papers? (if you don't mind me asking)

I came here when I was 7. My aunt filed for sister citizenship (2002) and we still havent gotten anything. I'm curous on how you got the papers, we've been waiting for 10 years and my parents can't wait anymore, they want to go back to Argentina because they see no light at the end of the tunnel, but I don't I don't even know anything about there. This is my home.

It'd would mean alot if you could get back to me. Thanks

Crystal Evans

I am sick and tired that many people think that if you are not Native American, you have no right to be here. This is blatant lie. Many of our ancestors fought in wars involving this country. My ancestors fought in the 442 Regimental Battalion during WW2. They were the most despised people during that time but yet, they still fought for the country they loved despite the way they were treated. Also there are organizations such as Heifer International that provide poor people throughout the world farm animals such as goats, chickens, and cows. For example, when given a goat or a cow, it provides milk for a family as well as the family can make yogurt to sell to provide a livelihood for the family. There are other organizations such as Opportunity International which provide small loans to women so that they can start small businessess in their local community. Programs like this can prevent illegal immigration to the US.

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For ppl who don't support the dream act. Who do u think u are to destroy other ppls dreams. Why do u have the right to go to college and get a better future and WE illegal immigrants can't. YOU think u have the right just bc u was born here in the United States. Don't I have the same right as u bc I was raised here. I honestly think ppl who dont support the dream act should find something better to do then opposing the dream act. We (illegals) ARE NOT TAKING N O T H I N G from u guys. We want to help this country BC THIS IS THE PLACE i CALL HOME WHERE I GREW UP IN. There's Americans who have the opportunities to do what ever they please & they don't do NOTHING FOR THIS COUNTRY OR themselves ! . This is my home. United states is my home and will always be bc this is the country that saw me grow up. If I want I could go back to the country I was born in but for what if all my friends and close ppl are here. My whole life is in here. If I had to leave I will be destroyed in all the aspects bc it just woudnt be right. ALL I want is for ppl to please support the dream act bc us illegals we just want To help with everything here and attend college to better our selfs & USA.


After reading these comments I truly am disappointed. The dream act 2012 is for the children who were brought here when they were under the age of 15. Everybody is saying "do not give criminals citizenship" but those precious children are not the criminals. Are we to punish those who were brought here at young ages and honestly cannot remember the journey? The dream act is not going to assist the criminals but the children. The United States is a place of opportunty. People strive to get here! Is it fair for those children who were raised here, went to school, speak and write perfect English, and want to further their education and work here are sent back to a country they have never known? The truth is the dream act is providing these children opportunity. We provide our own children with every choice in the world and then we teach them to not fully appreciate it. This act is the dream of so many! In the long run it will benefit our country. The Dream Act 2012 is not free citizenship. They will have to go through a vigorous process. Those who truly desire the freedom the US offers will go through this process! As a republican, I feel sorry for my leaders who are so closed minded. I realize they are trying to be fair but what's not fair is to punish the children our country has practically raised to be sent to an unknown place. I back Obama and his administration up 100% on this issue. I believe we would be making the right decision to pass this law!


Simple questions.1. Why do loppee immigrate to the US illegally? Is it that bad in Mexico?ANSWER: they want to get free social services. They want a chance to flee the country they are from in order to make a better life. They want to come here in order to have victims that are far richer and far easier to commit crimes against. They want to drop a baby as an anchor baby so they can stay. The BOTTOM line is they have zero respect for this country or its laws. Their first act in this country is a crime. 2. How do they get here illegally? Does every one of them stow away in a semi truck trailer?ANSWER: They jump the fence. They swim the river. They enter legally and decide to stay. They get smuggled in through Ports of Entry in cars, trucks, and vans. They walk to the line and drop a baby on the US side.3. Why is illegal immigration a problem? Are current Americans afraid of Native American descendants taking back land?ANSWER: Each and every single one of them are criminals. They are not allowed to receive one penny of social services, yet, they get all social services for free. They abuse our Emergency rooms. They abuse our schools. They abuse our country. They commit more and more crimes. Native Americans taking back their lands? LOL! The Mexicans took the land now called Mexico from those who were their first. Native American tribes fought each other. The winners of those battles took the tribe members of the losing tribe as slaves, captives and or slaughtered them. They also took their hunting lands. To the victor goes the spoil. It is pretty stupid to even suggest such a thing. That is almost as stupid as suggesting there was a AZTLAN here in the South west USA. That Chicanos are going to reclaim it. 4. Does anybody believe President Obama is doing anything about illegal immigration in the United States?ANSWER: Yes, he is ignoring the US Immigration laws and trying to impose a backdoor amnesty for these criminals. He has ordered the agencies responsible for the enforcement of our Immigration laws to stop doing their job. Thus, he has committed a crime. He should be fired. He has violated the laws and ignores those he can't get changed. That is why we need a new POTUS. This next election will decide if the USA continues as a great nation or ends up as a third world s hit hole that these criminal illegal aliens are fleeing.


1. Why do people gmriimate to the US illegally? Is it that bad in Mexico?People migrate here because yes, it is that bad. When the poverty is so bad you wont care as long as you find a way to feed your family. They dont see it as good or bad, they see it as necessary to survive. If that's what it takes to keep you and your family alive I promise you wont care either, 2. How do they get here illegally? Does every one of them stow away in a semi truck trailer?No. The border is huge. You can just swim or walk. Mostly a combination of both. 3. Why is illegal immigration a problem? Are current Americans afraid of Native American descendants taking back land?Its a problem because they are not part of the system. But most of it is racism. People complain about stolen jobs. I want to see a white guy work sixteen hour days in an onion field in south Georgia. I personally have. If anyone wants that job they are welcome to have it. We're in a recession and the fields need an unlimited number of workers. Why? Because many people left or got deported. They also argue that illegals use social services. Use your brain. Go try to get on welfare with no SSN. Same with any social service. The children born of illegals: how do you think you got here? and how do you think you got your citizenship? You did the same thing just further back. Some people are afraid but truth is immigrants just dont care, they just want some food and a soccer ball. 4. Does anybody believe President Obama is doing anything about illegal immigration in the United States?Just like any other president, some do some dont. Politics are just a big mess. Its not that simple because the economy needs them, but you cant just make them all legal. Its against the law, but try to kick them all out and see what you have left. I recommend the movie, A Day Without a Mexican . Its a crappy, cheap movie. But its pretty much the truth.


if you are middle class you can live a good life style. Also most ppeole in Mexico own their homes (Don’t pay a mortgage) and for the most part are not as much in debt as those of us that live here in the states. All my uncles over there pay cash for their cars. Maybe it’s not a Ferrari but most of us here in the states can’t pay 20-30K cash on a car. There are places in Mexico for the more rich where the homes are much nicer than many in the states and they have luxury cars and they are debt free. So no Mexico is not horrible otherwise everyone would try to immigrate to the states. Also I am sure this is the case in other countrie. 2. How do they get here illegally? Does every one of them stow away in a semi truck trailer?- Someone her gave some of the examples I had. BUT it is not as easy as “stow in a semi truck trailer” . Most travel by foot on the desert .3. Why is illegal immigration a problem? Are current Americans afraid of Native American descendants taking back land?- Do not take offense but you might want to do a little more research on your own. Native Americans are not illegal immigrants. Native Americans are not Mexicans or ppeole from other latin countries (they are not Aztecs, Mayas, Incas).Yes Mexico lost land to the U.S. quite a lot, but still Mexicans are not Native Americans. (you might of wanted to put Mexican American but just in case you did mean native American)4. Does anybody believe President Obama is doing anything about illegal immigration in the United States?- Well there is really no solution good or bad for the illegal immigration issue so that answers your question. Also other government branches play a role not just Obama.For some of the questions you asked there is tons of information on the web.


, yeah, some risk it on their own and some pay their life savings to cyeotos.3. Illegal immigration is a problem for the middle classes in the US right now because, as people keep losing their jobs they now need those that tend to employ illegal immigrants. They are also a social issue since they come from a different culture and have a different language and they came in extremely great numbers so people feel threatened by them, because they are so different and it feels like they are invading. They are also more worried right now about their economy so they worry about the overflood of their facilities and public services.Illegal immigration is also good for the economy because it allows employers to save money on wages. Especially in jobs that require extremely physical excersice since those types of jobs would require a much better payement since health care programs would need to be covered. This helps small business to grow and big business to extend. Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes through their paychecks but they do through their comsumption of foods or electronics or whatever they buy. Businessmen then keep the cash and credit flowing in banks and markets. 3. President Obama has actually kept vigilance on the borders and he is much harder on illegal immigrants than Bush ever was. At least that's how he is seen from here.Also, the US didn't buy all of the states that used to be part of Me9xico, just the La Mesilla trerritory. The rest was won on a war. But we don't plan on taking anything back, now or never. Mexicans are actually more worried about the drug war than anything else, and before that it was the elections, and before that it was the change to democracy.Immigration is not our main concern.


1. Why do people iigamrmte to the US illegally? Is it that bad in Mexico?They come here and stay here due to economic opportunities given to them such as getting day laborers at Home Depot or companies hiring them to undercut American worker's wages. Both are Felonies by the way good for five years in the clink if you get caught.2. How do they get here illegally? Does every one of them stow away in a semi truck trailer?45% of illegals overstay their visas. 55% of illegals come across the border illegally. 3. Why is illegal immigration a problem? Are current Americans afraid of Native American descendants taking back land?Illegal immigration is a problem because they place demands on our government services. Illegals also cheat American citizens out of jobs.4. Does anybody believe President Obama is doing anything about illegal immigration in the United States?All that President Obama can do is to sign bills into law. The law is already there: Any person who . . . encourages or induces an alien to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 . . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both. Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A)The law just needs to be enforced. Law enforcement needs to seek prosecution against people that hire illegals.


I have worked with many types of irnigmamts for the past 15 years- asylees, refugees, illegals, and currently with legal irnigmamts who are attending our schools.The ignorance and narrow minded views of the American people continues to blow my mind. people from all over the world- ALL areas of the world- come here illegally. Usually there is some unbearable situation at home economic, religious, or other. They come out of desperation with the hope of living a decent life.As for the impact on jobs and such, it is my experience that these are jobs a huge portion of the american population does not WANT these jobs. Do they really desire to be CNA's, Dunkin Donut workers or floor sweepers? And if these American's do so desire those jobs, then perhaps they are not properly utilizing our terrific educational system.The prevailing idea that irnigmamts are all Mexicans invading the borders from lands that once were theirs is uneducated. There are Albanians, Africans, and even Europeans coming here illegally every day. Many of them are highly skilled. I have worked with Doctors, Surgeons, Accountants, and Engineers from other countries that MUST work low paying jobs because they cannot legally practice their profession here. NOT all irnigmamts are uneducated over breeding people out to take the bread from the mouths of the working class American.


How about all those illegal immigrants follow the process and the rules. I came here when I was 12 years old because we did the right thing, we followed the guidelines. It takes about 10 years, 10 years, to get called to see if you qualify. Now, for doing the right thing, I came here at an older age. Which means that it was harder for me to learn the language, it was harder for me to assimilate- to learn the American culture. I think is it unfair that they to come here illegaly, had the advantage of being younger and having the ease of learning the languege,the culture, etc.Perhaps my parents should have decided to bring me here illegally, that way I wouldn't have had the psychological trauma I had...

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