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Early voting begins slowly in South Florida

With the field of Republican candidates down to four, GOP voters trickled to the polls on the first day of early voting in South Florida with plenty of opinions about their choice to challenge President Barack Obama in November.

Many said they were deciding between former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in what has been a rollercoaster race.

Romney is ahead in Florida, with more than 40 percent of GOP supporters, followed by Gingrich with 22 percent, Sen. Rick Santorum with 15 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul with 9 percent, according to an average of poll results compiled by RealClearPolitics.com.

At the busy West Dade Regional Library on Coral Way in Westchester, Julio Pallais, 71, said he cast his vote for Gingrich — but only after much consideration.

The retired private security guard from Nicaragua said he was leaning toward Romney earlier in the race but reversed course over Romney’s stance on illegal immigration.

“He has changed positions,” said Pallais, who came to South Florida 25 years ago. “There are illegal immigrants here who have been here for years, who have children and grandchildren here ... you shouldn’t tell them to leave.”

In Broward, Joy Diamond cast her ballot at Pompano Beach City Hall early Saturday morning.

She said Romney got her vote because she was concerned about Gingrich’s age, 68, and “not to mention his checkered background.”

More from Christina Veiga and Amy Sherman here.


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getting interesting, in the long haul, mitt romney is getting the nomination to face pres. barack obama... god bless us all, god bless america. and god bless the whole world...sal riario


thanks for the early posting update of the gop republican nomination...its a nice update,,,latest update....congratulations miami herald



It just goes to show as illegal aliens flee Alabama, the unemployment rate is dropping for American labor--as according to several reports? Enforcement policing protocols are having the desired effect, which proves that state immigration laws do work if practiced, condemned and not neglected. My guess is that although I have not heard of any similar hiring statistics in Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina and even Utah, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this news hasn’t been suppressed by the newspapers and the central government. It will be very interesting to learn if promises are kept by the 4 remaining presidential personages. Even Gingrich’s agenda to give the long time illegal aliens some form of pardon, without citizenship. Even if Newt Gingrich triumphs in the election as a new Commander in Chief, his idea of an invader Amnesty still must get the vote to pass it in a TEA PARTY majority House? Whereas, I hate to think of a returning President Obama will have in-store for the United States? Whatever his idea of enforcing immigration laws are, it will just attract even more impoverished and criminals to arrive via our almost unprotected border or by international jet.

Who can we really trust to build the true parallel fences across the width of our nation? The establishment GOP capitalist will always demand cut price labor, with the Democrats hoping that by turning a blind eye, illegal aliens will vote in all elections—leading up to the grand finale in 2012? Most farmers are not innocent in procuring cheap labor, knowing that the taxpayers will be the payee for the health care and the children’s education of unlawful workers. Politicians ignore the huge billion dollar costs for illegal family settlement, that these are court appointed unfunded mandates which has been a fiscal anchor around the necks of the U.S. populace. Does Gingrich, Romney, Santorum or even Paul recognize the financial impact on all 50 states? Welfare benefits have slowed to American citizens, especially in Sanctuary States as California, Nevada and others, because of the financial support to people who have contempt for our laws.

To restrain President Obama and his Liberal progressive Czars as Eric Holder, the only avenue is to elect strict TEA PARTY Constitutionalists in oncoming federal and state elections. There are two points to remember that entering the United States has been intentionally classed by Congress as a civil matter? That it is not classified as a Felony; as it should be? Although being hired for a job or using a stolen ID or another person’s Social Security card can be prosecuted as a felony, as they have committed two crimes. The Tea Party will rescind any covert amnesties, sanctuary city ordinances, chain migration, dream act. The Tea Party are determined to build the 2006 Secure Fences (ACT) and additionally overhaul federal spending. Become acquainted NumbersUSA and learn about the billions of dollars taken from taxpayers in unfunded mandates by pandering to illegal aliens.

This is labeled as a “Backdoor Amnesty.” Washington must enact ‘The Legal Workforce Act ‘Known more commonly as Mandated E-Verify. Plus “The Birthright Citizenship Act” to stop the inducement of bringing unborn infants into the country, that provides free welfare, education and health care. WE THE PEOPLE’S Constitution is under siege by the resident government and must be stopped, when they are allowing illegal aliens back on the streets. BE WARNED THAT NON-CITIZENS HAVE BEEN VOTING AND CERTAINLY WILL AGAIN IN FUTURE ELECTIONS. Every voter should possess official picture ID to vote?

Just come to light and been revealed in the highest levels of government. The Judicial Watch, the legal watchdog group has uncovered massive registration fraud with improprieties involving ACORN and in addition the Department of Justice. Read about the mind bending revelation of this organization that once employed Barack Obama. Judicial Watch is digging out the corruption in Washington DC, of implications to voter fraud; cementing the votes for our resident president by illegal means in our compromised election system. Go to http://www.rightsidenews.com for all the information.

The TEA PARTY does not alienate any race or nationality as the Liberal media would like you to think. It just requests the 1986 Immigration law (IRCA) enforced and not altered to pander to illegal migrants and immigrants.


Wow - there really should be a rule about how many characters can be written in a comment. Brittanicus just wrote his own book.

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