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Gov. Rick Scott's choice for president still secret

Gov. Rick Scott cast his presidential primary ballot Tuesday morning at a community center on Tallahassee's west side, but wouldn't say how he voted.

"It's a secret ballot, fortunately," Scott told reporters afterward. "He had less than 10 letters in the last name. I was trying to think of some way where everybody would be in." The conventional media wisdom is that Scott is a Mitt Romney voter, but he wouldn't say. He has a day featuring more than a dozen live radio and TV interviews, where he can expect to be asked that question again and again.

The cat-and-mouse game persisted when a reporter asked Scott if his candidate of choice has fewer than eight letters. Said Scott: "I'm not telling you how I voted." He said his daughter Alison and her husband "split their vote" -- so whoever the Scotts prefer, it isn't unanimous.

Inside the Lincoln Neighborhood Center, Scott made small talk with Cedric Thomas, a pollworker who like Scott is a U.S. Navy veteran. But they swapped small talk over their military service, and Thomas said Scott didn't tell him how he voted either.

-- Steve Bousquet


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Robert Jenkins

Wow! I didn't think felons could vote here in Floriduh. Oh that's right Bill McCollum, chose not to prosecute Scott. Betcha, Billy Boy regrets to decision!!! LOL

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