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Head fake! Connie Mack raises $758k, 50 percent more than initially indicated

A week ago, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Connie Mack sent out a memo suggesting he raised about $500,000.


Now he reports raising $758k in the fourth quarter. That's about 50 percent more. Good expectations management.

"Last week I said that I believed our campaign would exceed our $500,000 fundraising goal for the fourth quarter. Thanks to you, boy did we ever," campaign manager Jeff Cohen wrote in a memo.

Along with money from his congressional re-election account, Mack reports he has $918,000 in the bank.



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Tally Folly

Some of that money was transferred over from his last campaign account.
Lets not give him so much credit.

Can you guys follow up on some of the rumors I am hearing about all his frat boy like behavior, drunken bar fights, philandering in D.C. and DUI arrests?

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