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Herald poll: Voters want statewide referendum on casinos

Florida voters aren’t sure if they want Las Vegas-style casinos in the state, but they are certain they don’t want Tallahassee to make the decision, according to a new poll by The Miami Herald and other news organizations released late Sunday.

A staggering 81 percent of likely Florida voters surveyed last week said they believe that any proposed changes to state gambling laws should be decided in a statewide referendum. Only 8 percent were against it.

Voters were about evenly split over the question of whether the state should expand gambling to permit Las Vegas-style casinos. Of those surveyed Jan. 24-26, 44 percent opposed new gambling and 42 percent said they support it. The numbers are within the poll’s margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

“There is a clear division in the state with a majority in Southeast Florida in favor, while every other region is nearly evenly divided,’’ said Brad Coker, director of the nonpartisan Jacksonville-based Mason Dixon Polling and Research. Story here.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/01/29/2615116/poll-let-voters-not-lawmakers.html#storylink=cpy


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This passes bigtime and we get thousands of jobs and all is well unless those Gingrich's buddy Adelson and his thugs from the Las Vegas Sands get involved. Floridians wont go for them. No way, no how


Daniel Davis

I agree. The people should decide if we are to have mega-casinos or not. The legislators are all dirty and we cannot trust them. I, for one, am for revising casino gambling in this state and would love the chance to be able to vote YES for it.

Steve Welsch

The Herald's poll is highly suspect when it comes to a statewide referendum. Not only will the statewide referendum be unfairly influenced by the big money of the gambling interests, but the Herald has already reaped a quarter billion dollar windfall with the sale of their Miami headquarters to Chinese gambling empire, Genting Group. You can put a sure bet on whose side of the table they're playing from.

Manny Rodriquez

The Herald doesn't have a vested interest in Genting. they simply took the money and are running. Look at the banner ad at the top of this blog page. The real question is what is good for Florida, not what is good for Disney. Disney is adding NO jobs, in fact they're laying people off all the while paying their C.E.O. OBSCENE amounts of money. Here comes an opportunity to give something real to the people and Disney (hiding behind their attack dog, the Florida Chamber) are ruining it for the citizens. People unite! Stagnation or progress. Pass the bill and save us all.

sergio moreno

Statewide referendum? No! Referendum should be undertaken in the area that would be directly affected by casinos. As far as I'm concerned, we re doing just fine without casinos and we don't need to change the chemistry of miami to look more like Atlantic City or Las Vegas. They offer casinos because they have nothing else. We have weather, beautiful beaches, the marvel of the Florida Keys, cruise ships, an international culture, etc.


Yes ... it's now time for the People to vote on this matter ! We're really getting tired of the deals made behind those closed doors in Tallahassee !

Plus, this could be a very interesting campigan. We have already seen how Gov Scott bought his office with $ millions and just this week how Mitt won his Florida GOP primary with $ millions. It's now Gents, Sands, etc turn to continue spending $ zillion so they can open their BIG casinos in Florida !


People need jobs in Florida. Casinos bring jobs. Bring casinos or give me back my unemployment.

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