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UPDATED In Miami, Newt Gingrich goes up on Spanish-language radio bashing Mitt Romney

When Newt Gingrich stopped by WAQI-AM (710), better known as Radio Mambí, last Friday, he promised to soon be on the South Florida airwaves in English and Spanish.

He has followed through, at least in part, airing a Spanish-language ad on some of the most influential radio stations in Miami.

In the piece, a man's voice (not Gingrich) calls Mitt Romney a "liberal" who is "anti-immigrant" and may have "fame" but not be up to the job of president. Perhaps most damning, the ad says, "Mitt Romney goes around using Castro phrases," referring to the 2008 presidential campaign when Romney, campaigning in Miami, mistakenly associated a Fidel Castro slogan with a free Cuba.

Romney talked about Patria o muerte, venceremos -- Fatherland or death, we shall overcome -- a trademark phrase Castro used to close his speeches. Romney's use of the phrase did not sit well with Cuban Americans, who, according to a Miami Herald report at the time, "winced."

The ad also refers to Miami Republicans Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and former Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, who have backed Romney but whom Gingrich served with in Congress.

Of course, it might be too little, too late for Gingrich, considering Romney has been on the TV and radio airwaves in Spanish and English for weeks.

Here's the text of the latter portion of the ad. The translation is ours.

Newt Gingrich is a candidate who has committed himself to the Hispanic people, a Republican in the style of Ronald Reagan with experience. Unlike Mitt Romney, who goes around using Castro phrases, Newt Gingrich fought against the regime alongside Ileana and Lincoln to approve the Helms-Burton law. He supported the creation of Radio and TV Martí and is in favor of prosecuting the Castro brothers for bringing down the Brothers to the Rescue planes. Newt Gingrich has given his word to the Hispanic community in writing and won't let us down.

UPDATE: Here's a response from Romney campaign spokesman Alberto Martinez:

"This ad is false and full of ridiculous claims. Mario Diaz-Balart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Lincoln Diaz-Balart all stand with Mitt Romney because he has laid out a clear vision for spreading democracy in our hemisphere. By attacking anyone who supports common-sense border security and immigration reforms as 'anti-immigrant,' Newt Gingrich is once again reading from Barack Obama's liberal talking points."


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Newt Gingrich is one of the most evil human being who ever breathed.

Connie  Stratton

I think that Newt Gingrich will make a very good President. He is very knowledgeable, very intelligent and very experienced and iwould like to add a very good Christian. I wish Mitt Rommney would stick to to the subject of things that are important and what he would do about them instead of trying to slice Newt into pieces. He did that to him in Iowa and now because he lost in South Carolina, he's at it again in Florida.

Newt became a Catholic and since then has written books made CDs and has shown himself to be a very good Christian. Mitt Romminy wants to send everyone back to Mexico, but Newt's argument with Mitt and Rick Santorum is that if people have lived here for years and have grandchildren and children, they should be allowed to stay, but the other candidates said no, they would send thewm back to Mexico. Newt has a very soft and loving heart.I will definitely vote for Newt Gringrich. He is the man that will be able to debate Obama, believe me, Mitt is not the man that can debate Obama. Notice how Mitt will stammer if certain questians are asked of him. He appears to get nervous and frustrated. Vote Newt Gringrich.He is NOT an Evil Man. He is very God Loving man. Read his books and see for yourself.

Daniel Sayer

I wish the politicians would focus more on their policies rather than bashing on one another!

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